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  • WHen typing text for a new post in the body section, the font does not show up unless it is highlighted…as if the font was white. However, there is no menu to change fonts/size/colors. I noticed an error loading page in the bottom of my browser. Webpage error details

    Any thoughts? Recently updgraded to 2.9.2 and some recent plug in installations.


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  • deactivate the plugins and see if it comes back
    if so, reactivate one by one until you find problematic one

    I will try…thanks!

    no luck…i am getting an error alert in the bottom of my browser indicating an error loading the page

    maybe upload a fresh /wp-admin folder
    sometimes files get corrupted in upload process

    trying not to be a pain…but I know just a little about some of this stuff. Basically replace my current /wp-admin with a “fresh” copy? Will this affect anything else…posts, data, etc.?

    no – all that stuff is stored in the database
    overwriting files will not hurt anything in that folder or /wp-includes
    never overwrite /wp-content as that is where the theme files and plugin files are

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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