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    I bought a WP theme. hoped everything would be very smooth, but it’s not.
    I find the text content of the blog takes a long time to appear when loading a webpage.
    It seems the css stuff will appear fast, then it takes well 2,3 seconds of loading before the text appears. I find that pretty irritating. I assume it will irritate readers as well.

    Have you got any idea on what could be the reason for the text to be slow to appear ? any clues on what I could change to fix that ?

    Cheers !

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  • just to be more specific :
    the CSS stuff like lines will show immediately, background colors, widgets names (recent posts, categories etc), embedded youtube videos, the search bar as well.
    It is really only the post text content that is very slow to appear.

    ok, i got the answer myself after some research.
    here is the solution for information, if that happened to someone else :
    the guy i bought the theme from used a specific font, not any standard one such as arial. and he didn’t even add the font files in the fonts folder.
    that explains why it was so slow to respond. i assume it was downloading these font files from a server or something each time i was loading a page. i managed to find the fonts, and uploaded them in the fonts folder.
    and now it responds fast like any other nicely designed website.

    how serious is that from the theme designer ? it looks to me like a major mistake

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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