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  • I’ve been having a very frustrating problem over the past few days with a particular article that I am working with, and I’m hoping someone can help me out.

    After working on this length piece for quite a while (repeatedly saving the draft with no problem), eventually the text within the editor went white, meaning I could only read it if I highlighted it. I had been in Visual mode, but the text displayed in the box was the HTML. However, the Visual tab was still selected, and I was unable to click the HTML tab, or (I believe) the Save Draft button.

    After searching the forums for a fix and trying some things to no avail, I eventually got frustrated and decided to try just starting a new post and copy/pasting the HTML text in the HTML editor there. This worked. I was able to switch to Visual, and everything was fine.

    I continued to edit for a while, saving repeatedly, but eventually I ran into the same problem again. Over the past 3 days it’s happened 5 times now, and I’ve just created a new post each time.

    What’s going on, and can I fix it?

    I’d like to be able to edit the piece after publication, but I’m concerned that this will happened again and I will be stuck.

    (WP version 3.3)

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  • I am bumping this because the same thing is happening to me as well. And I’m loosing all the icons for linking, editing, etc..

    Did you ever get a resolution?

    WP version 3.4 (latest build at time of writing)



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