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    I’m having two issues with the text in my posts. I’ve never had any of my other themes behave this way so I’m assuming it has something to do with the theme.

    The first thing is on the home page. It is set to show only the summary of my post and then have the “continue reading” link at the bottom of each one. The issue is that it crams all of my paragraphs together in the summary. If I have two short paragraphs that would both fit into the home page summary then it will not separate the paragraphs. Is there any way to fix this issue?

    The second thing happens when I try to use lists in the post. Unordered or Ordered, neither show up correctly in a post. The maintain their “list” form, but the bullets or numbers are not shown. Also, once you click on the “continue reading” option, the text in the list gets larger. Any suggestions?

    I’ve made some sample posts to show you what I’m talking about at

    Thanks so much!

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  • welcome to wordpress ‘the_excerpt();’

    this tag strips the formatting and images etc from the posts and shows the first 55 words as a ‘teaser’ of the post.

    if you don’t like the result, you can either:
    write a manual excerpt of your post in the field below the editor window;
    use the <!–more–> tag while writing the post, and replace the_excerpt() with the_content() in index.php.

    the difference in size of the unordered list comes from style.css:
    the paragraph font-size is .8em,

    .content .two p {

    while the ul font-size outside the paragraph is unaltered 1em.

    the theme author obviously decided not to distinguish between unordered and ordered lists.

    css list styles



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    Issue 1: That’s because you’re almost certainly using the_excerpt() which remove all formatting from the auto post excerpt before it’s displayed. If you hand craft your excerpts using the Optional Excerpt box on the Edit Posts page, you should find that your formatting is preserved.

    Issue 2: Same reason (and solution) as above.

    Okay thank you for the suggestion on the Excerpt box. That works great for me.

    I’m sorry, I’m a little unclear on what to do about the lists. I solved the problem with the bullets or numbers not showing up. I understand why the font is larger in the lists, but I’m not sure how to correct that.

    Thank you both for your tremendous help so far.



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    Oh – I missed that bit of your question. Try adding something like:
    .content .two li {font-size:.8em;}
    to your stylesheet.

    Oh I was just coming back to say I had fixed the size issue. But I had done it in another way and what you posted makes more sense. Thank you.

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