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  • Obviously you didn’t delete the right thing, becasue in the source it still shows up this:
    <div id="masthead">
    <h2 id="tagline">TagLine Here</h2>

    Try to empty/delete the cache folder under the wp-content/

    That worked great! Thank you!
    One more question (sorry). I can’t seem to figure out how to make my link work.
    Here is the code I am using:

    <ul id="navlist">
    <li><a>">ITM Homepage</a></li>

    Is this incorrect?
    Thanks again for all your help

    I mean

    <ul id=”navlist”>

  • <a href=”<?php bloginfo(‘’);
    ?>”>ITM Homepage

Absolutely incorrect 🙂
Go back to the Codex and copy those template tags as they are there.
<?php bloginfo('url'); ?> will do just as it says: showing the URL of the blog – the one that you put in admin > Options > General.
You don’t have to mess around with the template tags! Just always read carefully the Parameters section – that will tell you what you can put inside those ().

Moshu, thanks so much you are a great great help. I however am really dumb at this stuff. Where is the “codex” and what “template tags”?
Sorry to be such a pain, I know nothing about PHP. I am just trying to link to my homepage
I wish I was better at this.

All those little “gizmos” that you use to do something in WP are called Template_Tags. The one that you broke is in the General Tags section and is called bloginfo.

What it does: depending on what parameter you use (see their list on the page linked above) ==> it will show it.
So, if you want the URL of your blog, you use this:
<?php bloginfo('url'); ?> – DON’T change anything, this little thingy is smarter than you think 🙂 it knows exactly what to do…

The above little code you can also use like
<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/about – and will provide a link to my about Page.

OK thank you. I went back and I think I was able to fix the template tag I brok (I hope).
So is it possbiel to link outside of the blog. I do not have any pages inside my blod other than the main page. the full web adress is:
Will I be able to make a link to the main (non blog) blog page:
Sorry to be so slow with this

No, not with a WP tag. Just manually create a normal anchor tag as you’d do on any html site and point it to your main page.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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