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    When the Responsive feature is enabled, the text in the main container bleeds into the right sidebar when you re-size the browser window to certain widths. This is happening when viewed in both Chrome and Firefox.

    Here’s my work-in-progress site:

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  • Hi @linkomatic

    Thanks for reporting this issue, I just created a ticket on github. This problem will be fixed in the next version 1.16.

    Version 1.15 is already added to the trac for review.

    Feedback from one of the custom Community devs will be given at Github, see here:

    Thanks for the response. fyi, I also logged this in the ThemeKraft support forum (Request #3526). Jason provided a temporary workaround that prevents the bleed over.

    Add the following code to the CSS tab in Appearance => Theme Options:

    #container .row-fluid .span8, .row-fluid .span8 {
    width: 75%;

    As noted in the ThemeKraft request, I noticed some other issues with the responsive feature, which hopefully will be addressed at the same time this one is.

    Hi @linkomatic,

    You are more then welcome to write us a ticket about any issue you find.

    You can use Github to talk to the devs:

    or use the support system as you did before.

    Thanks a gain for your feedback, thats exact what we need to make custom community become better with every update.

    After installing the latest version (1.15), the custom CSS fix that Jason had provided (see above) no longer works — at certain browser widths the text in the main container is again bleeding over into the sidebar. Try it here.

    Hi @linkomatic,

    We are working on it right now and will provide a new version 1.16 soon.

    Sorry for the discomfort.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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