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  • Not very WordPress savvy here so I need a bit of help again please. First my center column is down a bit lower than the sidebars, how can I raise it up a bit? I am using the theme Wucoco 3 column. Also, when I view my site in IE the post text is way small! How can I fix this. I am very WordPress illiterate so please break it down for me if you can. Thank you so much. Jeanie

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  • Ok, I figured out the text in IE thing but still need some help with that center column please. Thank you. Jeanie

    It will help ENORMOUSLY if you validate your site. You have 185 errors, as per

    Click that link, find: Show Source – click. Then click Revalidate. This will show you were your 185 errors are.

    Good luck


    Thank you for the info. I don’t have a clue as to how to fix any of it though. I am thinking maybe this wordpress thing is beyond me. I just don’t have any knowledge of coding. Ahh, frustrations. Thank you again, hopefully I can get it all fixed at some point.

    Don’t be too overwhelmed. Most of your errors relate to XHTML & the DOCTYPE you’ve stipulated.

    ie: you have <br> when it should be <br />. Notice the difference? There’s a gap [space] and a slash in [br]

    The space/ also applies to images ie: <img src="" alt="" />

    If you clean the easy ones up you’ll probably find most of your errors are gone.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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