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  • Plugin Author daveshine (David Decker)


    We are only allowed to post in English as main language here…

    The text from your screenshot is not part of WooCommerce or my plugin translations. It comes directly from your Gateway settings. Go to “Kasse/ Zahlungsweisen” and choose your Gateway settings and change this string there! Or, if is used in e-mail templates (unlikely but could still be) then you have to change directly in your template files — that are likely in your theme subfolder, or maybe even from a third-party extension.

    Thanks, Dave 🙂

    Bitte bei den Einstellungen der Zahlungsweisen schauen beim Text für den Bezahlvorgang, sieht ganz danach aus! Dieser Text ist kein Teil vom WooCommerce-Basisplugin oder meinem Plugin. Es könnte zwar auch noch in den E-Mail-Templates stecken, aber eher unwahrscheinlich, falls doch, werden diese wohl in einem Theme-Unterordner stecken oder von Dritt-Plugins kommen.

    Danke, Dave 🙂

    Thanks David, great to have your input here. Sadly that wasn’t the right spot to look for the solution, I guess it is in Woocommerce German market Plugin, but can’t find the file or po-edit file with this words in it.

    Did you see that one? I guess it is not part of your work?! 😉 “Runterlaten” Need to find the place to change that too. Any help is appreciated 🙂

    Plugin Author daveshine (David Decker)


    You are welcome! 🙂

    The first text (from your first post) I cannot find anywhere – have you checked all settings within all WooCommerce stuff (including Extension settings)? Also do local file/string search on your computer through the complete plugin folder and theme folder if possible.

    I couldn’t find it in WooCommerce German Market plugin, however, it could still be from this plugin if custom setting or templates are used.

    Otherwise I have no tip where this is coming from…

    The second string text (“runterlaten” etc.) I’ve found in this plugin:
    —> Plugin and translation not from me 🙂

    Good luck, Dave 🙂

    I am using Easyfind on OSX for finding words and phrases in files, but I can’t get it to search/find in po-edit files.
    Any better hint what software to use for this kind of searches?

    Thanks for your time & help, I really appreciate it.

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    Hi Kainer,
    Thanks for spotting that “runterlaten” error. I pushed a new version of the PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin (1.2.11), in which I corrected this.

    Let me know if you find anything else!


    Hi Ewout, thanks for jumping in.

    Could fix this thanks to Davids helping hand.

    Found that error as ‘runterlasen’ (with an ‘s’ not a ‘t’ as in runterlaten) Very weird as my website shows ‘runterlaten’…. in your poedit file I found the false word as ‘runterlasen’.

    Any idea how this is possible? Confusing the hell out of me.



    Are you sure? In version 1.2.11 it says ‘runterladen’, for as far as I know.
    I also had that issue with runterlasen when I tried to fix the ‘runterlaten’, but that was a stupid OSX autocorrect. But if you open the file in POEdit under OSX and you have autocorrect turned on (in Keyboard settings), it might change it automatically to lasen. Anyway, I just checked the PO file in the latest version and it definitely says runterladen.

    Also, not sure if you saw my answer to your other question!

    Plugin Author daveshine (David Decker)


    Regarding the searching, I would not only use the .pot/.po files but any file! Just download the /wp-content/plugins/ and /wp-content/themes/ folders and search all with your OS search tool or any advanced code editor that can search folders & files.

    If that does not help you can also search in your MySQL database if this string is in any setting hidden…. With PHPmyAdmin or Adminer tools that should be easy as well 🙂

    I sometimes have to use both variants and always found what I was looking for. Yes, it’s some work but sometimes you have no other chance!

    Good luck!
    Thanks, Dave 🙂

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