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    There was no reason to make automatic media uploading an unswitchable default for the Text Editor. Now we can no longer drag TEXT into it, duh. My workflow has been smashed. Now WP thinks anything you drag into that window is a media file.

    This is idiotic. It ruins WP as a professional writing platform.

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  • Quite a few functions in the text editor in WP version 3.9 are gone (the whole row in fact). Any reason for it? Also, why did you remove some of the advanced editing functions for images? I need to make a margin for my picture, and cannot do it. When I need to log in when the session times out, the login fields are on the very edge on the left, and I don’t even know if I am seeing it all. Not happy with this version at all.

    jhfarr – You can use the text editor for that, I believe, but if that’s not working, please let us know.

    galinastgeorge – You’re talking about multiple separate things. The Visual Editor (the one with rows) was updated for TinyMCE 4. The second row is still there, same as always, you just have to click the kitchen sink icon (last one on the row, right side). It was upgraded for future compatibility and to fix long standing issues.

    The media editor will have a plugin soon that will restore that functionality for the minority of users who need it.

    You don’t get it: one can’t turn OFF the automatic media uploading in the Text Editor. I have whole libraries of code snippets, pre-formatted text, etc. that I used to be able to drag into the composing window. Now we can’t do that. My work flow is busted. Used to be able to drag selected text from websites right in there. No longer. This is nuts.

    What kind of a Text Editor doesn’t allow me to drag TEXT into it? You guys really jumped the shark on this one. Are any WP developers actual writers?

    jhfarr – Thank you for the correction (please note I asked you if it was working 🙂 ). I’ve never actually used drag text, since I work in WordPress with the distraction free editor at full sized, which is not that uncommon. When I need to copy content over, I use copy/paste.

    What one man sees as required is novel to another. That one was new to me.

    I went and made a ticket for this:

    I don’t know what the solution will be for that one, though. I’m surprised no one on (who’s been testing this for longer) caught it either.

    I’m marking this resolved because there’s a trac ticket out, and that’s how we keep sane.

    Mika Epstein: For emphasis, no, you can’t drag text into the Text Editor now. Dragging anything into that window brings up the “Drop Files to Upload” prompt.

    Y’all broke the Text Editor. Telling everyone I know not to upgrade. This is seriousl

    Didn’t see your reply before I posted that last entry, sorry. Yes, you told me to say if it was working. I’m just so pissed because this hits me professionally. Something I used every day was broken when I upgraded like a good boy. Thank you for your prompt attention to this, and I’ll shut up now.

    We totally understand passion 🙂 Don’t worry.

    Okay so there IS a code way to fix this… I think.

    add_action( 'after_wp_tiny_mce', 'my_disable_ddupload' );
    function my_disable_ddupload() {
    	if ( typeof tinyMCEPreInit !== 'undefined' ) {
    		delete tinyMCEPreInit.dragDropUpload;

    I have not had the chance to fully test this :/ But if you put that in a function file or MU Plugin – – that would let you know.

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