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    I just installed your plugin, love it, everything seems to work except when I create a text field and want to input some text it opens a text editor which never finishes loading, thus I can’t input any text, would love to use this otherwise and would very much appreciate any help, thanks in advance!


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    Are you referring to the button above the stage or in the WYSWYG editor?

    I am referring WYSWYG editor.I cant edit even the text in popup layout.

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    @jincyjose please send a temp admin login to support [at] optinrevolution.com and I will take a look.

    I am using the newest version of WP as well as Optin Revolution.

    I want the text editor and image uploader to work.

    I have followed all the instruction on the page before starting a new thread, etc. I have cleared caches and cookies. Installed and reinstalled. Turned off, disabled all plug-ins and changed themes. Nothing makes the image uploader buttons come up.

    I am using the theme pitch premium – are there bugs with it and optin.

    I am about to pull all my hair out. Please help…..


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    @courtenaygueta if the theme uses it’s own WYSWYG editor then there will be a conflict as we use the WordPress WYSWYG editor. I would be happy to take a look if you’d like. Send a temp admin login to support [at] optinrevolution.com

    I also use a theme and the WYSIWYG editor is greyed out. I can edit colors and remove all the boxes but I can’t add pictures or change text. I’ll send a temp admin login to the email you gave above.

    I downloaded RevOptIn today and do have the most recent version of WP.

    Seek Joy,
    Arwen Lynch


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    @tarotbyarwen I have replied you just need to click the last button. The last button enables or disables moving objects on the stage or editing text. Watch the first 3 videos at http://www.optinrevolution.com/tutorials/ it will show you what the buttons do.

    Well heck. I thought I’d clicked but apparently failed clicking. Now I’ll scour the forum to find out why I can’t add pictures. 😀 Popup is now in place on my blog but it’s not pretty yet. 😀 I appreciate your fast response.

    Finally I got it.I didnt understand the enable/disable button in the last.
    Now its working fine.But I need to setup the mail.The emails entered should come to admin email.How can I do that?Fast response is appreciable.

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    @tarotbyarwen Watch the tutorial at http://www.optinrevolution.com/tutorials/ the one you want to watch is “Adding Images to Optin Revolution Lite”

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    @jincyjose the “emails entered should come to admin email” this needs to be setup with your email provider, you do not set this up in Optin Revolution.


    I’m having issues editing the default optin popup.
    When I highlight the text or image to edit it to customize it, the buttons are just grayed out.

    Hope you can check it, my site http://imrevolutionsecrets.com shows the optin popup, but that’s the default one.

    I sent you the details of my blog and created a username for you.

    Please check.

    Thanks a lot,

    apologies, i think it’s sorted… hahaha sorry i got it!
    found the disable/enable button.


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    🙂 If you have any further problems check out the tutorials.


    Hi Optin Rev Rep, I have been having same issues not being able to access text editor to change default popup text and images. I have watched all videos and tested in several browsers with no luck. popup shows on page and in preview. tried everything with settings.. I just can’t edit in popup editor or get buttons active in toolbar above as needs to get done asap. Thanks for help. Just downloaded few days ago and have latest version.

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