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  • I am missing part of the text editor I used to see. Also the kitchen sink icon is not there.
    Also my installed plugin “Insert Adsense” does not show up.

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  • Can you provide some more info? What theme are you using? What version of WordPress are you using? What led up to this issue? Did you do any updates or install any plugins?

    Hi thanks for responding to my problem
    I am using the latest WP 3.8.1
    The theme I am using is theme73
    I just realized everything works perfect on my desktop pc, the problem is on my laptop.
    But I didn’t have this problem before I changed the theme.
    When I change the editor to visual the editor icons disappear.

    Activate the default theme and disable all plugins. Do you still have the issue? If not, activate your theme and see if the problem returns. Do the same thing for each plugin one at a time to find out what code is causing the issue. Then you can target the problem.

    OK this worked, the plugin “Insert Adsense” is the culprit.
    How is it possible I don’t have a problem with this plugin on my desktop PC?

    I have no clue since I’m not experienced with the plugin and I’ve not looked at the code. This would be best answered in the plugin author’s forum.

    Thanks, at least you could solve this mystery.
    Thanks again

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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