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  • All of a sudden my text editor has become unusable.

    Usually i prepare lots of hand-written code in TEXT mode, and then leave it be. My clients then can go in and modify text occasionally in VISUAL mode, meanwhile leaving much of my code intact.

    However, recently the editor is stripping all of my code upon updating the page and reverting to VISUAL mode. It’s a nightmare. As soon as i go back to TEXT mode, half my code has disappeared.

    (Also, my style/format drop-down has disappeared!)

    I would like to disable all of my plugins to see if doing that can fix the issue, but I am very hesitant to do this, since it’s an important site, and i have no experience in doing that before, and am very worried about losing all my plugin/widget settings by disabling the plugins.

    Any advice on how to fix these issues or go about trouble-shooting are welcome.

    FWIW, i have run across many forum threads describing this TEXT/VISUAL editor issue from years ago, but i have only experienced it recently (within the past month or so). Prior to that, the TEXT coe never disappeared when switching to and from VISUAL mode.

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    Don’t switch editing tabs. That’s the fastest way to remove some (or all) of your markup and it’s been this way since WordPress started using the TinyMCE editor. Pick a tab and stick to it.

    Hi Esmi,
    Thanks so much for responding.

    I keep reading this advice; “Don’t Switch”. But the thing is, even though i have found threads relating to this going back years, it’s not my experience that it has always done this at all. It’s definitely recently. And the problem is, when i save the page/post, when it refreshes after the save, it ends up in visual mode not atter what I do. If i don’t immediately leave the page, then it strips my code.

    The issue is there are several people who need to edit the pages, and most of them use the visual editor just to manipulate text. But there are buttons and various code interspersed within the text that they don’t need to touch, and every time they edit the page, the code disappears.

    I have noticed that it’s worst when include javascript in my links.
    Do you know of any way to resolve that issue in particular? And do you know what happened to the formatting dropdown in 3.9? Mine seems to have disappeared along with my custom styles.

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