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    Is there something wrong in wordpress that’s causing text widgets to strip out code?

    I have a piece of code in the text widget that displays now playing song info,
    It still works in any widget I haven’t updated recently, however if I update
    the code in the text widget or any other editor widget like SiteOrigin, then it won’t
    display the info in the widget when viewing it on the site.

    So I installed the Classic text Widget which does fix the problem.
    But I don’t think I should have to install another widget to fix the problem.

    What’s causing these other text widgets to strip the code?

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    Use the Custom HTML widget instead of the Text widget for code like that.

    I did try that Custom HTML widget, again just now, but there’s a few warnings,


    “websiteUrl” is defined but never used.
    “showPlayer” is defined but never used.
    “shoutcastUrl” is defined but never used.
    “autostartPlayer” is defined but never used.
    “displayPlayer” is defined but never used.

    var websiteUrl = ‘;;//website url
    var showPlayer = ‘0’;//show player status
    var shoutcastUrl = ‘’;//shoutcast stream server url
    var autostartPlayer = false;//autostart player status
    var displayPlayer = ‘top’;//player area
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt;
    <!–end shoutcast javascripts–>

    Hi sounds,

    Those are valid warning messages and they’re occurring as the custom HTML editor isn’t able to see the full scope of the script. They’re safe to ignore.

    That Custom HTML widget doesn’t want to work for me.
    It’s asking me to add a few double quotes, but I can’t save it.

    I do not think it likes the mixing single and double quotes – also it is for HTML, not adding Javascript to the site. Javascript should be added via file

    I’m using the Classic text Widget for now, it’s too much.
    Why are all these text editors stripping out the code in the first place?

    Code can cause exploits – it is for security.

    And cause that is not where scripts go…

    I see, but it can get a bit annoying, didn’t work in siteorigin editor either.
    The classic text widget works but I don’t want a plugin for every single fix.

    What do you mean a plugin? Javascript is not to be entered that way – it is not best practice. Use conditional functions to enqueue scripts on the pages that need them, or create custom template pages.

    I mean I used classic text widget to display some javascript in the sidebar.

    I need to find a better way to do this, I’m using a new widget for every page.
    But that’s another story.

    Is it a different script for every widget on every page?

    Well it’s the same script but reused on different pages, I create radio pages.
    I have to enter different stream info in each widget for each shoutcast stream.
    It gets a bit heavy when you have multiple radio pages, now playing widget for each page.

    You can hardcode the script into a custom template page and use that template on pages that need the script. You can then modify the script a bit to look for a data-attribute for the stream url. Add the stream url to the link’s data-stream-url=”stream url”

    That is kind of what I did, I got the script off code canyon link
    It has a horizontal and vertical php file which I embeded in a widget.
    One widget for each radio page, new shoutcast stream info in each widget,
    I can’t think of a better way to display the info without using separate widgets.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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