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  1. Curio
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I have some probs that are prob very easy to solve...

    My blog is live at http://www.curioblog.co.uk

    1. When I write text in bold under my images they get displayed not flush and straight image as I want it but in part at the side of the image. See here for example: http://curioblog.co.uk/?p=112

    2. I have a Categories widget already set up. can I add a second "Categories" widget. Something like "Categories by countries"?

    3. If I add a new theme to my blog, what does this mean for all the content I have live now? Will it all have to be re-uploaded? Perish the thought!

    4. I want to add a bespoke widget that will display my bio or a sharp description about me. Does anyone know if there is such a widget already or how to create bespoke widgets?

    5. I am currently displaying full blog posts on homepage and i want to show only a few lines of each blog entry. How do I chabnge this?

    Thank you in adavance for you kind help.



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