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  • While editing a WordPress post, I pasted in some text from a Word Processor/text editor. That all looked fine. I could edit it normally. However, when I pressed “Save Draft”, the entire post disappeared from the edit screens. Both the Text and Visual Editor tabs showed a word count of 0, and were blank. However, I could preview the post, and it was intact in the preview!

    I now know how to work around this problem. The problem occurs whenever the pasted text contains certain unicode or special characters.

    One of them was this character:
    Unicode: U+2318, UTF-8: E2 8C 98

    Others were the bullet mark (option-8 on a Mac), and the ellipsis, (three dots), which is automatically created from three periods by many editors.

    Unicode: U+2026, UTF-8: E2 80 A6

    When I ruthlessly eliminated these characters from my post, the text remained editable after saving a draft.

    Although this topic is resolved in the sense of having a workaround, it is NOT RESOLVED because it unacceptable for this to happen to users without any warning. Any modern software, such as WordPress, should be able to handle Unicode. If there is some character that it cannot allow, then that needs to be filtered out gracefully with an appropriate message.

    I have seen some posts on similar problems with WordPress, and I hope this post helps someone.

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  • I’d advise you to try disabling your plugins for a quick test. More likely than not, one of them is conflicting with the editor saving those characters. I can assure you that WordPress itself has no problem with unicode characters.

    I have only four plugins. I just did a test, deactivating each of them (and all of them). There was no change in the problem. My site is running WordPress 4.9.8.

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    Just tested ⌘ on my WordPress installation, and had no trouble saving, so I can confirm that it’s not WP itself. A bit of a shot in the dark, but: do you have access to your database, e.g. phpMyAdmin? If so, can you check if your MySQL server’s charset and the database collation are set to UTF-8?

    Sorry, I have been unavoidably away for a few days, but I am still having this problem, and still interested.

    I am an extremely vanilla wordpress user. I haven’t installed any extra stuff. I have never even opened phpMyAdmin before, but I do have it.

    I am not sure exactly what you want me to look at.

    in phyMyAdmin, I see:

    Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

    and also,
    Server connection collation is set to



    The weird thing is, I can see the saved draft ok, including special characters, but I just can’t edit it.

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