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    The text-decoration-thickness property is not recognized by the TablePress CSS: TablePress automatically deletes this CSS property.
    Even adding a <span style> in the boxes of the table, this property does not work. Is it an oversight or is it voluntary due to recognition problems in some browsers?

    By conscience, I still tried with the old property text-decoration-width (the old name of text-decoration-thickness), it does not work either.

    How to work around this problem?
    Is it possible to send a CSS file via FTP with this property inside? I tried to put it in “style.css” of my child theme but it doesn’t work.


    La propriété text-decoration-thickness n’est pas reconnue par le CSS de TablePress: TablePress efface automatiquement cette propriété CSS.
    Même en ajoutant un <span style> dans les cases du tableau, cette propriété ne fonctionne pas. Est-ce que c’est un oubli ou est-ce que c’est volontaire à cause de problèmes de reconnaissance chez certains navigateurs?

    Par acquit de conscience, j’ai quand même essayé avec la vieille propriété text-decoration-width (l’ancien nom de text-decoration-thickness), ça ne fonctionne pas non plus.

    Comment contourner ce problème?
    Est-il possible d’envoyer un fichier CSS par FTP avec cette propriété à l’intérieur? J’ai essayé de la placer dans “style.css” de mon thème enfant mais ça ne fonctionne pas.

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    I continued to research and obviously, this property is taken into account only by the browsers Firefox (from version 70) and Safari (from version 12.1).
    For those who still think that Chrome is the best browser…
    The explanation is given at the bottom of this page:

    At least it will help the people who will be in my case. This problem can be noted as solved when @tobias Bäthge has validated this answer.
    Thank you.


    J’ai continué à rechercher et visiblement, cette propriété est prise en compte uniquement par les navigateurs Firefox (à partir de la version 70) et Safari (à partir de la version 12.1).
    Pour ceux qui pensent encore que Chrome est le meilleur navigateur…
    L’explication est donnée en bas de cette page:

    Au moins ça pourra aider les personnes qui seront dans mon cas. Ce problème pourra être noté comme résolu lorsque @tobias Bäthge aura validé cette réponse.

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    thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

    Indeed, this CSS property is currently only supported in Firefox. (Note that it’s part of a proposed draft only at this time, which is why other browsers don’t yet support it. It’s specification simply hasn’t been finalized yet. 🙂 ). Due to that, it’s not yet supported by the “Custom CSS” text field sanitization that TablePress uses, and therefore it’s currently being removed.
    However, you should be able to use this in a <span> in a table cell without problems, like

    <span style="text-decoration-line: underline; text-decoration-style: solid; text-decoration-color: red; text-decoration-thickness: 2px;">Your text</span>

    This should save fine, without the CSS property being removed again. And this would of course only have an effect in Firefox at this time.


    Thank you for your answer. As I indicated in my 1st message, I tried with a <span> in the content of the table. Even if that did not erase it, it did not work logically because I do not use Firefox by default and that I have not tested at the time.

    Later, having discovered where the problem came from, I decided to abandon this property because it was not widespread enough: it would have bothered me to know that I have a different display depending on the browsers.

    This property can be very useful and seemed logical to me, so much so that at the beginning I was convinced that it was taken care of by everyone. Hopefully it won’t happen in 10 years.

    Thank you again for your quick and very clear answer.

    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    yes, this definitely is a nice addition to CSS, and I’m pretty sure that the relevant committees will decide to add support for it soon 🙂

    Best wishes,

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