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  • Body text defaults to grey, no matter how many times I highlight text, click on Text colour drop down box, and click on black. Same for all pages.

    Love the theme but I need to get this sorted. Black text is so much easier to read.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Presumably it’s being overriden by the CSS stylesheet.

    Are you able to edit stylesheets, Iain?

    Thanks Johnny

    Yes, but can’t find the line or lines I need to edit in the style.css

    Can you try changing the ‘color’value to #000

    in style.css

    at lines:


    Incidentally, what browser do you use?

    In Firefox, if you right-click the text you want to change, select ‘inspect element’ you should hopefully see a list of related CSS in a panel on the right hand side.

    Examining and playing with those values gives a preview of what might work in your stylesheet.

    Thanks, made those CSS changes, but still looking grey, and when I inspect elements it says the colour is #000000, it just doesn’t look it on my laptop, phone or iPad!



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    @iain1705, I’ve looked at your site, and the base font color set in the CSS is #000, which is fully black.

    Can you point me to a page or post where it is not black?

    Hi Iain,
    Whats happening with the main body text is that it’s such a light (thin line) font, it just seems to be grey—or is rendered that way. Thin black anti-alised against white creating grey.

    If you bump up the font size you’ll see that it is actually black—or very close to it (I haven’t taken a screenshot into photoshop to check it).


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    Ok, John, thanks, that makes sense. Need to bump up the font size then.


    Or remove this from line 509:

    font-weight: 300;

    It’ll then revert to a weight of 400. it looks less elegant, but it renders black and is more readable.




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    @iain1705, if you are going to change the font weight, I would suggest adding the following to the Additional CSS instead of editing the theme CSS file. If you do that, the change could be overwritten by a theme update.

    body {
      font-weight: 500 !important;

    I second that.
    Or your changes will be wiped out next time the theme updates.

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. I’m playing around with different themes now, trying Dara. Bizarrely it looks like the Dara theme on my free has more customisation options than on my hosted not free

    Last question I promise, if you add CSS to the Additional CSS do you have to specify the line number?

    Ever onward!

    No, no line number required.

    You just see those auto-displayed, depending on what application you’re viewing the CSS code in.

    Are you able to tag on another stylesheet?

    It’s more complicated to do that than it used to be. It’s called addign a ‘child theme’. So I used a plug-in called ‘Child Theme’ to set up the new stylesheet (which won’t be wiped out by updates), and then because the plug-in’s interface is awful, I downloaded the new stylesheet.

    Now I edit that stylesheet locally and then upload. I will never edit it in child theme again (hopefully).
    Otherwise, you can ignore all of the former: and add to the existing stylesheet but keep a copy of your added styles locally, so you can paste em back in whenever the theme updates and wipes em out.

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    @iain1705, many of the features on can be had on self-hosted sites by installing and activating the Jetpack Plugin, but there are some features at that are not included in Jetpack. What exactly were you wanting that is not on your self-hosted site?

    Thanks for the code for font-weight in Additional CSS @sacredpath. That has worked a treat.

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