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    I’m still a bit daft when it comes to manipulating things in WP themes. I’m trying to change the text color in the Copyright portion of the footer. Any leads? And where would I put that code? Running a child theme.
    ( BaedonWebz )

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  • I use Firebug to find these things out.

    There is a copyright div that has this rule:

    #copyright {
      float: left;
      margin: 0 20px;
      width: 300px;

    However, the text colour for this area and the rest of the footer (because all the text is link text) is being determined by this rule:

    #footer a, #footer a:visited {
      color: #FFFFFF;
      text-decoration: none;

    So, to change text color for all types of text in the copyright area of the footer you will need two rules in your child theme style sheet, I think:

    #copyright {
      color: #nnnnnn;
    #footer #copyright a,
    #footer #copyright a:visited {
      color: #nnnnnn;

    You might also need an a:hover rule, depending on how you want to deal with link text under the mouse cursor.



    I tried those suggestions and didn’t come up with anything that changed it so the non-linked text was visible. Beginning to wonder if I might have to try calling a different background image.

    (If you read didn’t before, that was a typo)

    Have you left them in your style sheet so that I can try to see why they’re not being picked up?

    The only non-linked text in the copyright area is the h3 title that says “Copyright”. Everything else is a link. So did the link text colour change?

    Oh! and silly question, but you did use a numeric value instead of ‘nnnnnn’, didn’t you? I just put ‘nnnnnn’ as a placeholder because I didn’t know what colour you wanted.



    Below the word copyright, there is the following:
    ‘BaedonWebz by Henry C Kessler III is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.
    Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at’

    My name, the Creative COmmons Attribution…., and link to about page are links…rest is text. The text is so dark, it can’t be seen. That is the text I’m trying to pop out of the background.

    The onlything I have in my style sheet that isn’t inheritted is code to hide the title on the front page. The rest is called from the parent.

    (And yes, since n is beyound f, I knew it was a place holder.)

    Thanks again, looking over the footer section of the parent style.css right now. If al else fails, I can contact my neice, she’s good at CSS.


    #footer {
    	background: url(images/sprite_h.png) left -952px repeat-x #nnnnnn;

    You were very helpful, got me looking at the right section of the footer style tags. Thanks again!

    My pleasure.



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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