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  • kirkhall


    I’m looking to possibly switch from our current cart to woo commerce but need to make sure it is the right way to go.
    I’m sure this has been asked here many times before but I can’t find it.
    So my first question/issue:
    I have many products which can be ordered with no options or several.
    I have a demo product set up at
    As you can see it has a attributes/variations (sorry I don’t have the terminology straight yet) of Do you want this engraved or not? If you don’t nothing more is needed, if you do I need 2 or more text boxes (engraving line 1, 2 etc) to appear on the page. It’s not clear to me if this is possible without some custom coding or a plug in using Woo commerce. Is it?

    I’m already familiar with product add ons at but is says at the bottom you can’t use this when the product has variables (Product Add-ons do not work with variable products.) Well my test product has variables, do you want engraving yes or no. So that doesn’t appear to be what I’m looking for.
    Also I don’t expect the text boxes to only appear when you chose Yes for yes I want engraving, I just need them there.

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