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  • I started noticing recently that my longer WP posts and pages started truncating themselves.

    After some testing and troubleshooting, I determined that when the Edit Page comes up, the entire post is listed in the text box, but when I switch tabs and come back, the message is truncated. On two sample posts, truncation occurred at different locations (different number of characters, different number of lines, middle of lines not near odd characters, etc.)

    When I disable the Google Toolbar extension, the problem does not occur.

    Here are the versions of WordPress, Firefox, and the Google Toolbar extension that I am using:
    WP 2.0.3
    Google Toolbar for Firefox 2.0.20060515W

    Any help or ideas? I searched, but could not find any mention of this problem.

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  • I should note that when I switch to the visual rich editor included in WordPress, the problem does not occur — this happens only when I am using the old-style editor.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Huh. I’ve noticed that on textboxes on other sites (never the write a post page), but never connected it to the Google Toolbar. Which is a shame too, because I like the Google Toolbar. Comes in handy.

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