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    For some reason the “text box” on one of my WordPress installs is about 50% the size it should and and it is centered. My other WordPress install don’t have this issue. You can see an example of the issue right here. First off what is the “text box” called? Secondly how do I go about fixing this? It has been like this since I upgraded to 3.0. It doesn’t matter what browser I use.

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  • Michael


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    what theme are you using?

    some more recent themes might use ‘editor-style.css’ to style the editor area to make it look more like the actual theme output.




    Thank you the the theme I am using was indeed the cause of the issue. I am currently using the Fastfood theme. When I changed it to the new 3.2 default theme the issue went away.

    Would you happen to have any idea on what the item I was asking about is actually called?

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