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  • Good Afternoon!

    So when I use text blocks in conjunction with my Easy Social Share plugin, it copies the settings for my share buttons on the posts.

    for example: if on every post i have a share to twitter button show at the beginning and end of a post, those same buttons will appear at the beginning and end of the share block (it seems that the share blocks act as a “mini post” within a post.

    Any way to disable this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Halacious


    I just checked out their code and it doesn’t look possible. They don’t have any filters we could hook into to make it stop. They add the buttons whenever the_content() is called. They would need to to add a check for specific post types. I’ll post in their forum to see if they will add something.

    Posted this:


    Thanks Hal!

    Would there be a way for the plugin to allow me access to Easy Social Share when I create a new block? It mimics an actual post, so if I had access to the “Easy Social Share Buttons: Visual Customization” module, I could turn it off per text box as a workaround.

    Thanks for the help!

    Hi, I am getting a similar issue.
    On some posts that I have text blocks, it is making other plugins repeat.
    On the lower part of the page you will notice the social icons appear again and the related articles appear multiple times. When I disable text blocks this doesn’t happen. It’s odd that it only happens randomly for some posts.

    Any ideas appreciated!

    I have just noticed adding plain=”1″ does fix the issue.

    Hi Naresh.

    Where did you add plain=1?

    I had this
    [text-blocks id=”bali-huts-and-garden-decor”]
    and changed it to this
    [text-blocks id=”bali-huts-and-garden-decor” plain=”1″]

    thanks Naresh. The only issue with that is using the “plain” variable takes formatting out of the equation which would render its use, useless.

    Hal, if you guys could update the plugin so I can get access to the module I stated above, I can disable it per post and work around this.


    This issue is still unresolved.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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