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Text appearing on the background for every page

  • I’d be grateful if anyone could give me any pointers with this weird problem. I have two sites using the twentyten theme. I have made three of the same modifications to the two sites, (1) Removing the area above the banner image (2) Removing the Text/Title area (3)Altering the page width.

    The two sites are:

    The problem is that with staircasesmanchester.com there is some text on the background – right up above the banner image on the left hand side which reads:

    Continue reading –“/>

    Bearing in mind I made the same changes to both sites I don’t understand how on earth this text got there but more importantly I can’t find out how to remove it. Could anybody help me with this one please?

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  • disable seo presser plugin. if work problem with that plugin. if not disable your another seo plugin seo by yoast and let me know what happen i will solve this easily.

    Hello Pankaj, thank you for the prompt reply. I have disabled SEO Pressor and also the SEO plugin by yoast – but the problem remains.

    Incidentally I have both SEO Pressor and the SEO plugin by Yoast on both sites using the twentyten theme and the problem has only shown up on the staircasesmanchester.com site?

    Solution 1(technical): review page template similar to page-template-onecolumn-page-php i am not sure the name. see any page template for single column. and compare with original theme.

    Solution 2: go to edit page and define some description in yoast description.

    Let me know if this work.


    Hi, I’ve done solution 2 and there’s no change so I’ll have a look at the tehcnical solution.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean with the technical solution? I’ve looked at the one column page.php – but I don’t understand when you say compare with original theme?

    Hello guys
    someone would have an answer on this type of problem cpn SEOPressor?
    [link moderated – please start your own topic]
    I also tried to unschedule all remaining only SEOPressor plugin, but the problem remains the same
    I hope that some people have an answer
    Kind Regards

    Moderator Michael


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    please start your own topic.

    or better, directly contact the author of SEOPressor as this seems to be a commercial plugin.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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