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  • One way to do this is to add a width to the td tag:

    <td><span style="font-size: 12px; width: 60%;">Bench Push Up</span>

    it didnt work

    I’m sorry, I added the width to the wrong tag in my sample. The text said to add it to the td tag, but I showed it in the span tag. Please try it like this:

    <td style="width: 80%;"><span style="font-size: 12px;">Bench Push Up</span><br>
    Primary Muscle: Pectoral Major<br>
    Equipment: Bench</td>

    There you go, thanks so much, ok two questions, what is the fastest way to make 50 pages the same way that I have the one above? do you know of a rating system? one that would be at the end of the table, a third row. something like this one

    I don’t know of a better way to duplicate a page than copy/paste.

    As for the rating, there are several rating plugins that might work for you:

    ok, thanks I was just checking because Im trying to learn the quickest ways of doing things. I want a number rating system far as 1-10. as you can see, I new to this so I wont be able to configure it if I have to do a bunch of coding. just looking for something that I can activate and configure a little bit.

    Thanks for your help tho, really really appreciate it

    last question if you can, what would I type in css to link all the top word in the table for as bench push line?

    You cannot create a link to a word with CSS, you will need to code that in the source for the page. The links will look something like this:

    <a href="url-to-target" title="Title for this link">Word Here</a>

    Who will be doing the rating? If it is a number that you assign, you could just create another column in the table and put the number there.

    If you want users to rate the post, you will need to use one of the rating plugins and add the code that it specifies.

    Thanks you been awesome!Yea I knew about the linking far as putting in the hyperlink and link it that way but I have over 400 things Ima have to link so I was hoping there was a faster way.

    Far as the rating, I wanted to have users rate videos That I would be putting up and have the average of them display next to the images you seen after the bench push text but align to the far right corner.Like the link i sent you of the website. how they have the rating with the number of the rating on the far right.

    You will need to use one of the plugins that lets users do the rating. It will probably be easiest to use the code supplied by the plugin (probably a shortcode) in an additional cell in the table.

    well I been had wp post rating for post or page. it has a number rating to 5 but its not showing up in nothing. have you used that one?

    If for the rating system when I do get it to work, woulding I just ad another <td> and align it to the right to get it in the corner of the table?

    I have not used any of the rating plugins.

    If WP PostRatings is the plugin you have installed, try adding another cell to the row and placing ‘[ratings]’ in that cell.

    You would add the td cell after the last one in the row.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 59 total)
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