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    Sorry for the late response. Yep, that’s a bug. I’ve just tested it and it doesn’t work. I won’t be able to fix it soon because I am abroad. Meanwhile, use text-align: center; in your custom CSS

    I realize that this is very late, but maybe it will help someone else.

    Here’s an example of using text-align: center; property in the code.
    ‘<h1 style=”text-align: center”;>’ . ‘Car Sales Portland’ . ‘</h1>’;
    Hope that this helps someone, sometime, somewhere.

    I am using bit still not work.

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    Plugin Author Fabio Rinaldi


    Could you please elaborate? And make sure to upgrade to the latest version of the plugin.
    Thank you.

    I am using WordPress 4.9.4. I found a solution when I change web browser it perfectly working Firefox and problem only chrome browser.

    Thanks for your response also work firefox browser on my pc.



    Just did a fresh install of WP with multisite enabled. First thing I noticed was that the text align center does not work. Is this going to be fixed at anytime soon?


    Plugin Author Fabio Rinaldi


    This has already been fixed… could you please detail your problem? Thanks

    I’m also having an image alignment problem with a client site, except it is the same across at least three different browsers. I don’t remember having this prior to the last WP update (4.9.8). In fact all has worked great for months.

    Specifically, my images were reduced & centered within a table row above pertinent data listed in rows below and have been this way for months. I simply used the image edit/center in the classic editor. Now every image done this way is left aligned, even though the “center” option is checked. What’s weird is you can view the page in page preview and it shows it to be centered.

    Its when you view it live that is left aligns. The only change was the update and I have to say sounds like another bug with this update.

    Plugin Author Fabio Rinaldi


    Have you had any theme updates? Also, could you post a link to your website?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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