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  • I had a google text ad in one of the widgets sitting in the footer of the page. I changed themes from twenty eleven to ZeeStyle and the ad now appears somewhere on the right half on and off the page design at the bottom of the page and is no longe accessable.

    Please see

    Has anybody got any ideas how I can access it to remove it.


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  • Hi glenny1,

    I started out checking into this using Firebug with Firefox. It’s a great little tool that helps you investigate CSS and HTML on a web page. I haven’t totally gotten to the bottom of this, but while I was checking into this for you I noticed this in the path to your style sheet:

    By contrast, when I installed the same theme on my test site, the path to my style sheet is:

    Somehow it looks like an extra folder was created when the theme was uploaded or installed. I would really recommend re-installing the them and making sure it’s installed in wp-content/themes/zeeStyle with no duplicate folder of the theme name (not zeeStyle/zeeStyle).

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for your reply. You where absolutely correct and I reinstalled the theme, unfortunately that did not get rid of the problem.

    Hi glenny1,

    Did you make any edits to the theme’s CSS or the template files? If not, maybe something in the ad code is causing the issue. It really looks like there is a lot of code in the text widget for that sidebar (I even found what looks like a block of code for an entire page, including <html> and <body> tags). I would recommend going into the Widgets in your dashboard (Appearance > Widgets) and removing the text widget from the Sidebar Right area. You can then add a new text widget back into that sidebar box and re-input your ad code.

    Hope this helps!

    I appreciate your help but you see the problem started when I changed from one theme to another, because of that I can´t access the original text widget to undo the text. It no longer appears in the right hand panel of the widget area.

    The only change I have made is to the header.php to put a line of code in for the flavicon, but that was in any case after the event.

    Not wanting to start from scratch can I override somehow just one or two files by uploading the originals?

    The problem does not even rectify itself when I go back to the original theme because the text widget has disappeared and is no longer editable (sorry, if I spelt editable wrong).

    Hi glenny1,

    I would recommend checking every one of the 8 widget areas that theme offers. Make sure you click the arrow beside the widget area name to expand it so you can see all of the widgets in each widget area.

    I don’t think the issue is in the theme files, but you can certainly try re-installing the theme or uploading and overwriting particular theme files.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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