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  • I did a PMP transaction to see how things worked. I paid through another paypal account. There was a screen to enter username, password and email address. The payment went through, but PMP did not collect First Name, Last Name, or Billing Address for the member. What gives? This is important data to gather. Would it be different if I used a credit card instead of a paypal account?

    I refunded payment through the membership paypal account, which worked fine, but a bit later I get this email from the PMP site:

    “There was an error canceling the subscription for user with ID=2. You will want to check your payment gateway to see if their subscription is still active.

    Last Invoice:
    ‘id’ => ‘4’,
    ‘code’ => ‘D0071BE39A’,
    ‘session_id’ => ‘gj9r2o27u8607v5rmte4offsl4’,
    ‘user_id’ => ‘2’,
    ‘membership_id’ => ‘6’,
    ‘paypal_token’ => ”,
    ‘billing_name’ => ”,
    ‘billing_street’ => ”,
    ‘billing_city’ => ”,
    ‘billing_state’ => ”,
    ‘billing_zip’ => ”,
    ‘billing_country’ => ‘US’,
    ‘billing_phone’ => ”,
    ‘subtotal’ => ‘0’,
    ‘tax’ => ‘0’,
    ‘couponamount’ => ”,
    ‘certificate_id’ => ‘0’,
    ‘certificateamount’ => ”,
    ‘total’ => ‘0.05’,
    ‘payment_type’ => ‘PayPal Standard’,
    ‘cardtype’ => ”,
    ‘accountnumber’ => ”,
    ‘expirationmonth’ => ’01’,
    ‘expirationyear’ => ‘2012’,
    ‘status’ => ‘cancelled’,
    ‘gateway’ => ‘paypalstandard’,
    ‘gateway_environment’ => ‘live’,
    ‘payment_transaction_id’ => ‘3UF25727S2685863E’,
    ‘subscription_transaction_id’ => ”,
    ‘timestamp’ => ‘2012-12-18 14:14:42’,
    ‘affiliate_id’ => ”,
    ‘affiliate_subid’ => ”,

    the member data doen’t show up in the member list, so I guess it deleted the info.

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  • Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    The name and billing information is stored at PayPal and is never shared with PMPro. (one of the reasons you would use PayPal to sign up at a site)

    It is possible to get some of this information through the API, but we don’t do it.

    Instead, you can add extra fields to your checkout form to gather this information before they go to PayPal. Checkout the PMPro Register Helper plugin:

    Thanks for the reply. I’m looking into adapting the registration (check-out) form to add first name, last name, and billing address

    I looked at the structure of the members list in the WP module and it shows:
    ID Username First Name Last Name Email Billing Address Membership Fee Joined Expires

    I then looked at the SQL db structure PMP is using through phpMyAdmin. It looks like some data goes into the wp_users.db and others goes into wp_pmpro_membership_orders.db is this correct? so, i.e. I need to use the header names from the latter in the check out form?

    thanks again for the reply. Great application!

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Register Helper stores things in the user_meta table. If you want to match keys used by PMPro, check out ../paid-memberships-pro/preheaders/checkout.php.

    The first and last name are special cases. Using first_name and last_name, will match it up with the proper user fields.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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