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  • I previously posted this string about 3 Spam Fixes for Contact Form 7 spam issue, before it was subsequently fixed ( see: )

    Since that post and since CF7 was fixed to use Google v3, many posts came in about how people are having issues using Contact Form 7 / Google reCaptcha v3, from blocked contact form messages to spam still getting through.

    What I did was researched Google ReCaptcha v3 a bit more and found this video from Google on the purpose of v3;

    Introducing reCaptcha v3

    The way Google describes the intent of v3, is to do with filtering visitors to the website, blocking spam bots or malicious visitors, where unwanted visitors attack comment forms, review forms, purchase / cart pages, etc. I see the purpose of v3 for those websites that seek visitor conversions, promote online sales, etc.


    The purpose of Google’s v3 is not needed for the lower level usage of reCaptcha, which is filtering out spam bots and malicious users that send bad contact form messages. This lower level usage has nothing to do with what v3 was designed for.

    Bring Back v2 as an Option
    Having said the above, I see there is great value and purpose for the plugin author of CF7 to bring back v2 as an option.

    Keep v3, for those websites that need it, but for websites that don’t need v3, they can use v2 which was working just fine. Since Google still supports v2, there is No reason to exclude it from CF7.

    I invite people who read this to post a confirmation reply voting for the return of v2.

    Testing my Contact Form 7 using Google reCaptcha v3
    I researched to find a method to test my contact form that uses v3. Here is that link for the instructions,

    I used the method using Chrome Developer mode / creating a Emulator Device.

    When I created the device, per instructions, my contact form accepted the message, but did not send it. Instead the form progress GIF kept turning, and when I refreshed the page, I was blocked from the page completely. The page would not reload.

    When I deactivated the developer mode/device, and reloaded the page, all was fine, the page reloaded and I was able to send a second contact form message.

    This test says Google reCaptcha v3 works.

    Opera VPN
    I then used the Opera browser, privacy mode, using their installed VPN, with an Asia server connection. I went to my contact form, and it accepted and sent the message. I confirmed online that the IP address, when sending a contact form message, was in Singapore.

    This says, that even from Asia, the contact form worked, so it does send messages.

    Still Concerns
    There is no method that I know of where I can checked blocked IP addresses that tried to use my Form.

    Checking my ReCaptcha Google account, it gave stats of good and bad visits, but no-where does it list any log of blocked IP’s, where I can research IP’s to determine if local customers to my site are being blocked by mistake.

    v2 ReCaptcha worked well and was reliable because all it did was require human interaction. It blocked no one. Since bots cannot work the reCaptcha tests, it kept them at bay. It won’t block a human hacker who sends a message via the form, but that is Ok with me because a human hacker will repeat messages only for so long and give up. That was a workable scenario. With v2, I knew spam was filtered out and local customers can get through to me via the contact form.

    Bring back v2 in Contact Form 7!

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