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  • Anyone care to share how they work on a wordpress site without affecting the actual online site?
    All I can think of is that you have two installations?

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  • I have a local installation and a second installation on my server.

    I don’t understand. I’m really going to need to see the results of my changes without it affecting the online site.
    How do you have a local installation? Do you mean with the database local and everything? I have no idea how to do this.
    As it is now, I’m going to be changing, uploading, replacing, and refreshing the site to see the change. Meanwhile, anyone viewing the site will see every little change also.
    EDIT: I didn’t install my wordpress, it was installed automatically by my hosting service.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Get a copy of XAMPP. Install it.

    XAMPP is a locally run, all-in-one, Apache webserver. It includes PHP, Perl, MySQL, etc. And a neat little control panel for turning them on and off as needed. You can get the lite version, as all you need is Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The rest is all extra.

    So, once you install it, you can load a fresh copy of WordPress into its htdocs folder (make a wp subdirectory). Then start mySQL and Apache and proceed with a normal WordPress install. Use phpMyAdmin (comes with it) to create the database, then manually change the wp-config.php file, and then load up a web browser and go to http://localhost/wp/wp-admin to run the install.

    Basically, you can run the entire server on your own local machine to test. You can make changes and observe them instantly in a browser. You can install plugins, themes, etc. Export a copy of your data from the live server and import it into your local one. Etc.

    It’s very handy.

    Thanks Otto for the XAMPP info, looks nifty.
    I was able to install another copy of wordpress
    automatically thru my hosting server. I just
    installed it in a /testing/ folder. This sorta
    helps out, but I’ll still be uploading/refreshing
    constantly. I’ll check into XAMPP, it may be over
    my head though.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    XAMPP is as simple as it gets.

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