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Testimonies laying on top of other widget in except mode

  • Hi There!
    Currently have 2 plugins on my sidebar widget: Testimonials Rotator (TR) first, then Quick Contact Form beneath it. TR seems to have a bug or something in Rotator display and Excerpt (Show As) mode because it displays laying on top of QCF…like their blended together.
    TR Works fine when select List display but that option is too long on the sidebar. Please help.
    Site is http://www.regalhawke.com. Can see it on the Coaching, Relationship Talk, or Testimonies page (plus few others).


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  • Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    That is interesting. I’m looking into it. For now you could just switch the order and it should be ok.

    Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    It looks like your theme is using an old version of jQuery. Did you know how to change that? or do you have a developer able to upgrade that? Also is your WordPress installation updated to the latest version?

    Ok. Thank you for looking into it. WordPress is updated. Don’t know how to upgrade Jquery, but thinking can maybe install a Jquery updater plugin?

    Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    Well it looks like the theme is including a custom version of jQuery at /theme1409/js/jquery-1.6.4.min.js?ver=1.6.4

    The problem is that changing it may fix the problem with my plugin but could break something else that requires that version. It would really be a trial and error kind of approach.

    I would look through your functions.php file in your theme and see if you can find a line that contains ‘wp_enqueue_script’ AND ‘jquery-1.6.4’, if you find it I would remove that line (save it to a file somewhere on your computer) so if it breaks something else you can put it back.

    After you remove that line add wp_enqueue_script('jquery'); in it’s place and that will use the latest version of jQuery.

    Hope that makes sense.

    I installed a Jquery Updater plugin. It fixed the overlay problem, but now shows the full list of testimonies when it’s in “Rotator” Mode. Any suggestions without it causing you too much headache?

    Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    Looks like it broke a javascript library your theme is using:


    I would say remove that library but I’m not sure what on your site is using it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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