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    I am using the shortcode [woothemes_testimonials]. When I test my page it is blank. When I “select all” and paste it in a word doc, I can see the testimonial. I think something needs specified for font color etc in the .css file. Any way I can fix this?

    Appreciate any help, or advice you can offer.

    Appreciate your time

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  • Perfect! Thank you, Matt!

    Added the code – style doesn’t show testimonies
    scroll down the page to see widget area

    I’m using the DonateNow Theme

    Plugin Author Matty Cohen


    @rhubarbmedia – In future, please post a new thread, as the solution didn’t work in your use case.

    Upon viewing your website, I see you’re not using the testimonials widget anywhere in your widget areas… I assume you removed it due to it not displaying.

    I’d advise using the “Inspect Element” tool in Google Chrome, or “Firebug” in Firefox to determine the CSS selector that’s conflicting here (as you mentioned above, the previously-suggested CSS didn’t work in your use case).

    From there, placing the relevant CSS code in your theme should get the testimonials displaying. 🙂


    I placed the testimonial widget back on the “about us” page can. I send you the login to help fix the issue? I’m not sure what to look for in regards the CSS selector.

    Couse Sidebar

    Plugin Author Matty Cohen


    @rhubarbmedia – Your theme doesn’t properly apply/respect widget CSS classes. That’s why the above-mentioned CSS snippet didn’t work for you. 🙂

    Try this instead:

    .testimonials.fade {opacity: 1 !important; }

    That should get the testimonials displaying correctly. 🙂

    I placed the code snippet in the 3 style CSS files avaiable and it still does work. Wasnt sure which one. Maybe these were the incorrect files to update? Pls tell me which CSS file and What line it should go. Thanks. Alternativly. Could give you the login to test it yourself.

    Plugin Author Matty Cohen


    Hi Rhubarbmedia,

    Please place the following code in your “functions.php” file (make sure it’s inside “PHP” tags, otherwise the code will break):

    In future, I’d strongly advise using a different theme, as this “DonateNow” theme is not obeying certain basic WordPress theming guidelines, which makes it somewhat cumbersome to troubleshoot.

    I hope the above snippet helps. I my testing, the above snippet remedied the display issue. 🙂

    Thanks and regards,

    Thanks, I’ll mention to the theme creator to concider updating their code.
    Can you tell me exactly where to paste the code? Line #. Or just more in layman’s terms.
    “Please place the following code in your “functions.php” file (make sure it’s inside “PHP” tags, ” I see “<?php” where should the code go? Sorry. Not a coder.

    Plugin Author Matty Cohen


    Sure thing. 🙂

    At the bottom of your “functions.php” file, there should be a ?> tag.

    Just above this tag is where you’d place the above-mentioned code.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

    Whew! Thanks so much! btw – I love Woo! 😉

    Plugin Author Matty Cohen


    Thanks rhubarbmedia. Glad I could assist. 🙂

    Might I suggest another possible fix (for the second issue brought up in this thread)?

    Matt, the .fade CSS class is set to opacity:0 in twitter bootstrap; perhaps in a future release, you might use a different name (as this is likely to cause problems in quite a number of themes.

    The fix is quite easy, but it might save you some grief.

    Plugin Author Matty Cohen


    Great call, John. I’ve added this to our bug tracker for further inspection. For reference, this issue is listed here. 🙂

    Hi there, testimonials was working. Now its blank. It is in the footer. I have made the changes above and it has not made any difference. Can any one help me out. thx.

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