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  • All I want to do is have a 2 column layout. In one column would be social media and other widgets. Maybe 20% of the page. In the other column I want to display client testimonials but I also want to have a form available so people can write their testimonials on the site. That would basically consist of a comment section, rating, name, website (optional), email (optional).

    Can anyone help me accomplish this? Is there a good plugin that would help me with the testimonials? Is there a good theme? I’m not sure how to implement the user being able to write a testimonial.

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  • Hi woodson02. I did some research on WordPress Testimonial plugins, and most of the ones that I found don’t allow (or don’t seem to allow) user submitted testimonials. I did find one that sounds like it should work for you however:

    With this plugin you have the ability to display a number of testimonials either in a page or post or as a widget on your sidebar. The amount displayed is determined by you. We also created a submission form that you can include in a post or page in order to have people submit their testimonials to you. User submitted testimonials are added to a queue in your WordPress Admin for your approval.

    In regards to your theme question, there are many, many, many free WordPress themes available. I suggest finding one that has a two column layout (which most do) that you really like. If you need to modify the width of the columns, it should be pretty easy to do with css. Feel free to find a template that you like, and I’d be happy to look at the source code and point you in the right direction on how to change the width of the columns.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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