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  • Actually, after the update that’s not happening any more. Yay.

    But it seems I need help setting up because the widget shows up in the sidebar but the testimonials don’t.

    I want all posts in category “affirmation” to cycle through so I typed “affirmation” into the Category Filter field but there are a lot of other options to which I don’t know the answers. Truly, I don’t understand the question. For instance, what goes in Title Link. I entered the url of the archive page for “affirmation” but that doesn’t work so I wonder what is the title link?

    Then there are all the options on the plugin page in addition to all the exact same options on the widget page. How do these correspond? Clearly, the widget fields must be filled in but then how should the plugin page fields be filled in? I feel confused.

    Thanks for your contribution!

    Well, I finally found the place to enter new testimonials but must I recreate every post? Isn’t there some easy way to link the posts I have already published in category “affirmation” without having to rewrite every post? When click on dashboard>Testimonials>Categories I see an ordinary categories page but I don’t see any way to include a category in the widget.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Sounds like you had a rough weekend with the website.

    Did you read through the options list at That’ll help explain things. Do let me know what’s still not clear.

    You can convert previous post entries to testimonials via a database update. However, I think you might be better off asking for help with that or re-entering the testimonials you have. You should keep in mind that Testimonials Widget has meta fields beyond the posts that you might want to put information into.

    Once you’ve got your affirmations as testimonials, then the rotation will respect the widget’s category selection.

    Further, you’ll need to update your CSS to make TW look like what you have already.

    If you’re open to paying for support, contact me via

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    I did a little test with the premium version and now it supports alternate post types for testimonials. This will save you having to convert your affirmation posts to testimonials.

    However, you still need to resolve the CSS issues.

    Let me know how I can help further.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    I should mention the post_type option is on the premium settings tab. See

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Any luck?



    Michael, I had to move on because of time constraints, for the time being, but will test it out when I can get back to that project, and will let you know. It is impossible to know if one wants to purchase premium when there’s a glitch with the free version.

    I want to say how much I appreciate your immediate and dedicated attention. It’s nice to know the appropriate person cares and takes the time to make things right. Thank you for that!



    You’re not alone kkrousseau. I updated this morning. Apparently only the free version updated, though and I was left with a fatal error, and no active widgets on my site. I can’t find anything anywhere about updating the premium widget to the latest version, so I had to disable it. At least when I disable premium, the free version seems to work and I get all of my other widgets back. This widget is updated so frequently, it really makes me nervous. Just getting it to work from the beginning was a real chore. It’s been working fine since, and went through several updates until today when I logged on and it completely wiped out my site.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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