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  • Resolved Jessica MakeItIfYouCan


    I am unable to add existing testimonials to a group this way:
    Testimonials>Edit>Highlight Group(s)>Save Testimonial
    When I do this I get a message “Your update has been saved,” but when I return to the Testimonials list the group does not appear.

    I am able to save them this way, but it is time-consuming for adding a testimonial to multiple groups:
    Groups>Click on Group ID>Check boxes of testimonials I wish to add>Save Group

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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    When you edit the testimonial, does it show up highlighted?

    I have a similar question (but more newbie I’m sure) I am having trouble attaching my testimonials to a group. When I’m editing, I can see the group name (the only one) showing up in the Groups box on the right, and i even tried clicking on it to highlight, and then saving, but it’s still saying no groups and not appearing on the page.

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    When you save the testimonial, is there an error notice at the topo of the page?

    nope, no error message…

    now i know something’s really funky, because I clicked on the group name and checked the boxes of all testimonials and saved the group, but they still didn’t show up! all of them have the “display” box checked off in the editor.

    think i just figured out that my shortcode was wrong. thanks for your help it’s working now!

    I can confirm that if a testimonial has been left by a user (and not created by the admin) it’s not possible to select a group while editing the testimonial. You can select, but the selection isn’t saved.

    However, if we select a group ID and check the testimonial(s) we want to add to that group, then the change is saved.

    Looks like a right issue in the testimonial edit screen, because the change is saved fine if I’m editing a testimonial I’ve created myself as an admin.

    Apart from this little bug, a simple request:

    Could we add group=”x” to the form shortcode so that a testimonial is automatically added to the correct group as it’s typed by the user? That would make the process easier, as we could have a different page for each group of testimonial to be added.

    Thanks for a great plugin by the way!

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Thanks for the report. I am out of town this weekend but I will look into it for sure.

    As far as the group=”x” request, I love it. I will be implementing that in the next update.


    That’s great, thanks!

    Hello author,

    I like your plugin and always used your plugin for testimonials.
    I am also facing the same problem that the group is not saved while updating the testimonial.

    But I look for a solution and trick little bit in your code which works for me.

    In your plugin I remove this code from admin.php line number 3505

    if (!$this->is_moderator() || $this->options[‘user_role_can_select_group’] == 1) {

    and its work for me.

    please let me know if I did something wrong.

    thank you

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Ha thanks for that. You found the issue. It will be fixed in an update I plan on pushing in a little bat.

    Just to confirm the issue is fixed in your latest release, and a huge thanks for implementing the group feature in the form, it works perfectly!

    Keep up the good work, just leaving positive feedback as a small thank you.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Thanks for the confirmation and the review. Sorry it took so long, life has been really busy. I finally had the chance to work on it this morning and leon90 posted his snippet as I was tracking it down. A huge thanks to him/her for digging in.

    I see in your review that you picked up on the group attribute addition. Thanks for that feature request. It was a great idea and hopefully it works as you expected it to.


    Yes, the group attribute addition works as expected, that’s what I meant in my post above when I said thanks for implementing the group feature in the form 🙂

    Thank You Jeff and Manni..

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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