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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    So you have them in a specific order via drag and drop, but want to show them in a different order on your page?

    Assuming you are using a shortcode, have you set the order attribute?

    [hms_testimonials order=”name” direction=”ASC”]

    Change direction=”ASC” to direction=”DESC” if you want them in descending order.

    Also, the following fields you can sort by are:

    • id
    • name
    • testimonial
    • url
    • testimonial_date
    • display_order
    • image
    • rand

    rand is random.

    The problem is I have them set to a specific order via drag and drop – that is the order I want them displayed on the site, but no matter what setting I choose, via id asc/desc
    or display, they dont display as they are via drag and drop. If I want them to display exactly how I have them ordered via drag and drop, which setting do I choose? I think I have tried them all at this point, and none of them displayed them properly 🙁

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    They should default to what drag and drop is set. Also, please make sure they all have “Display” set to yes on the drag and drop screen.

    Can you post your entire shortcode please?

    They arent – I have two different groups, but I am only using one in this page
    [hms_testimonials group=”1″ template=”7″]

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Are you changing the drap and drop order on the main page or the group page?




    When ordering groups, you must hit “Save Group” at the bottom. That being said, I have just pushed an update 2.0.10 that fixes a blank page when saving the group.

    Oh ok – that was it, and now I am getting the blank page, how do I get the patch/update? Is it out yet?

    NM – I see the update, thanks for the quick replies- great plugin!!

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Sure no problem.

    I am glad we got it figured out and you helped me squash a bug.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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