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    I have a problem with the Testimonial Block.
    The thumbnails are too small, because I need Thumbnails with 300x300px.
    I changed the settings in Default Blog Config and it worked, but the pic used for rendering was still the 150px x 150px, so the image was big, but only scaled and pixelated.
    So I tried to change the thumbnail size in the media settings to 300px x 300px and regenerated all my thumbnails. Now, the images are not visible, because Thumbnail block still wants to render the 150x150px Thumbnail – these 150px x 150px are not available any more, because thumbnails now are 300px x 300px.
    Where are the 150px defined? And can I change it? It should get the configuration value from media settings or – maybe better – get the medium size, because thumbnail size is always too small for retina display.


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    Thanks for contacting us.
    The image loaded as thumbnail is indeed based the thumbnail size (defined in Settings > Media). This is something you cannot change yet but we’ll try to improve that in a future version by loading by default the medium size and allow the size to be defined based on that. (with srcset implementation too to keep the image optimized).


    Hi @pixelstuermer,
    You should re-assign the thumbnails (after regenerated) to the Testimonial block to update new value for testimonial attributes.
    Hope it help!

    Hi @viennguyen,

    thanks for fast support and workaround.
    It works fine! 🙂

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