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    For some reason, the testimonial text is not appearing on Google Chrome under Windows 7 on my website. It shows up fine in all other browsers and even on Google Chrome under Linux Mint, but I’ve tried from several computers and I still see the same results. I’m not sure if the problem is isolated to Windows 7 or includes all versions of Windows (I tried running a test on, but it appears to be having issues right now).

    I am targeting the testimonial widget with CSS to alter its appearance, but even when I remove my custom CSS, I still see nothing. What’s even stranger is that no amount of in-browser tweaking seems to make the text reappear. I’ve tried altering overflow, z-index, display, color, all with !important tags, but still nothing. In the HTML, I see clearly that the text is there in the blockquote and if I add a background to the blockquote, I can see the element itself is showing up, not being hidden or covered by anything, except the text inside is still nowhere to be seen – not even selectable.

    I’ve also checked to make sure blockquotes are showing up in other parts of the site. In posts and pages and even in other widgets, there’s no problem. This is quite a conundrum! Any idea what’s going on?

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  • Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Are you positive you’ve cleared the browser cache for that W7GC combo?

    I’ve tried a hard refresh with Ctrl+F5 and the other computers I tried were all fresh installs (that I had coincidentally just done for work), so they had never even visited the site, had no browser plugins that could have interfered, and had the operating system, Google Chrome, and all runtimes updated to the latest version the day previous.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    That’s a slick looking header testimonial rotation at Very nice work you’ve done.

    I’m guessing that the JavaScript console errors are what’s causing Windows 7 Google Chrome to puke considering that the other browser and OS combinations are working fine.

    Then again, we’re dealing with a CSS issue.

    I’ve been able to pull Chrome to my virtual Windows 7 machine and I can replicate the issue. However, all of the CSS and HTML that should be in place is.

    As such, I’m feeling that this is a theme issue. Can you please confirm the viewing and rotation works fine under TwentyTwelve or the like?

    Thanks for the compliment and also the superb follow-up! 🙂 I do not see the issue in twentytwelve, which leads me to agree with you. It’s a theme issue.

    It definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the JavaScript console errors though. Those have to do with embedded videos and I actually get the same errors in twentytwelve (still tracking down the source, but it’s lower priority, since everything still seems to work). And when I go to a page without any embedded videos, like, then the console is clear, but I still see no testimonial text.

    The theme I’m using is a child theme of twentytwelve with relatively minor alterations – some code is moved around a bit and a little markup and PHP added in a couple places. This is one of the strangest problems I’ve ever encountered. As you said, the HTML and CSS is in place, yet it does act like a CSS issue.

    RESOLVED: And it turns out, it was a CSS issue. I got so desperate, that I just started removing random blocks of code from my CSS and narrowed it down to the font-family Gochi Hand, from Google Web Fonts. I’ve seen Chrome rendering issues before, but this is the first time I’ve seen a font not render at all and not even revert to a fallback. I’m now using a different font that I don’t like as much, but at least I can take my time browsing around.

    Thank you again for being so responsive.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Thank you for letting me know the answer. It’ll help me on the next time.


    I’ve got exactly the same issue.

    If anyone’s using Chrome, go here:

    Then refresh the page via the browser. All the text around the logo disappears completely! Only the logo remains.

    Click on the logo, meanwhile, and all the text comes back.

    Anyone? :-/



    Rob Irwin
    If you are using bootsrap:

    For headings which not working fine define css property

    h1, h2, h3 ,h4, h5, h6 {
    text-rendering: optimizelegibility;


    Pate it in the end of the style.css

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