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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey lavijain,

    Emails go to the address listed in the general settings.

    You can also view them on the Testimonials page in your wp-admin.

    that is same i expected but not working…
    i am not getting any mail when i submit any form i used recaptcha also and i can’t see them on list i have only the testimonials(only 2) which i added from backend so what should i do now….

    where is the problem in it i searched all settings but nothing found..

    can u help me more about it…

    we will continue on this thread only i added my topic there…so anyone can response soon..

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Are you sure no error is being returned when you submit the form? That is usually the issue.

    submit testimonial here

    on link then may be you grab the problem by watching it…

    hey you have added a testimonial why i was not getting when i do the same….

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    After you submit it, click on the link for the form light box to see if an error is displayed.

    ok it’s working…..


    🙂 😀

    i was logged in as admin and trying to add testimonials may be becoz of that it was not working…

    is this so….

    okay how to get the successs msg just below the form when i submit it as we got in contact form 7 .. what should i need to do for that..

    plz give me any idea about this as any user will not go to see the popup again to see his succees msg..

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    It should still work even if you are logged in.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    You will need to use some javaScript to do that. At this time, the plugin is not setup to use javaScript and AJAX without you manually adding in extra stuff.

    so any idea how to make it work and one more thing doesn’t matter how many times i refresh the site but it just stick on the message testimonial is submitted…

    i am not getting the form again..

    it is having problems ..

    plz give any idea to sort this out can i add some extrra code on site and apply js on that ..

    or what is the option for this..

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    In my opinion you should move the form to its own page instead of being in a light box. Then you can get the error and success messages normally.

    The testimonial is submitted message is intentional. It’s to keep spammers from submitting the form again and again. If you completely close out of your web browser and re-open it the form will show up again.

    thanks but what if i want to make it work on lightbox ..

    no user is going to reopen his window..

    i am trying for it…

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    I understand. That’s where you would have to find a custom way with JavaScript. In the future I might be able to make this a little easier.

    no as u have told me when i use the form on simple page and submit form it shows success mesaage and when i approve the testimonial and get page refreshed it again show me the success msg

    i closed the window reopen it but it is showing me the same success message that means a user can submit it only once by a browser if i open it using another browser at the same time it shows form .

    is this a caching problem or any browser problem

    what should i do..

    help plz…


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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