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    Thanks for the great plugin!

    The submission form shortcode is in use here:

    If you look at other pages at you’ll see that the [testimonial-form] page header is thrown out of whack. Other shortcodes from other plugins are Not having this effect on this page. It is specific to this plugin shortcode.

    I have the Genesis framework installed with a child theme. Any ideas how I can resolve this?

    Thank you!

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  • I’m getting a syntax error. Are you working on the site right now?

    Sorry, yes. It’s now resolved.

    To clarify: the syntax error is resolved. I would still appreciate assistance with the [testimonial-form] issue.

    Thanks 🙂

    Any page with a shortcode loads the stylesheet that wraps the testimonial in that gray box.

    So we need to find a way to apply the stylesheet to the form without applying it to the testimonial.

    By the way, the testimonials in the header don’t seem to be using the GC Testimonials widget. Is there a Genesis widget for that instead?

    Thanks Chris. Is there an element name for the [testimonial-form] shortcode? I’m not seeing it with Firefox element information.
    Maybe with the element name I could resolve the issue via the stylesheet.

    by-the-by, the rotating testimonials in the header is a single, multi layer gif.

    Thanks again – Tim

    <div id="testimonial-form">

    The conflict is due to the plugin and the theme using the class name testimonial. Changing one or the other should resolve the conflict.

    For example, I changed the plugin class name to gctestimonial. Here’s a screenshot.

    A more advanced option is to split the plugin stylesheet into two stylesheets, one for the testimonials and one for the form.

    Since you’re using a multi-layer gif and a theme widget instead of the plugin widget, I’m wondering why use this plugin at all? Is it just for the submission form?

    Great! I do believe that resolves the issue. I only changed one instance of “testimonial” to “gctestimonial” at “/* Single Testimonial LAYOUT */”. Is that all that is necessary? I do plan to more fully utilize the plugins capabilities in the future. If there are other instances that need to be changed to “gctestimonial” I’d rather do it now while all is still fresh.

    The plugin is, for the time being, primarily for the submission form. Unfortunately all that is left of the clients individual testimonials from his old site is the gif. However, once we’ve built up a number of new testimonials I will begin to more fully use the plugin.

    Thanks Chris!

    You’re welcome, Tim.

    The other shortcodes also use that gct_single_testimonial function so they will reflect the change as well. If not, report back and I’ll dig deeper.

    In theory, the gctestimonial.css stylesheet should be updated too (changing .testimonial to .gctestimonial) but I guess whether that’s necessary will depend on how new non-gif testimonials look.

    I recommend putting some notes in your theme about the code changes with a link to this post in case you need a refresher later.

    Regarding the previous testimonials, is the old site dead and gone? Or do you have a backup that we can extract the data from? Or is it not a big deal?

    Good idea about the notes to my future self 🙂

    The previous testimonials are indeed dead and gone. However, it isn’t tragic as they collected only a handful. We’ll do a better job now, with the assistance of this nifty plugin 😉

    I’ll mark this thread as resolved – Thanks again.

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