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  • I’m writing a new statistics plugin called StatTraq. I need volunteers to test out the installation and plugin for me. You can download the zip file read more about it at my blog. Thanks!

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  • Could you explain what it tracks ?
    I’ve got the download, but until I upload it and run it, I won’t know what it is meant to do ?
    I assume upload plugin to the right place and keep other files in the wp-stattraq folder too ? It’s not entirely clear…

    Some–even marginally brief–installation suggestions would not be inappropriate.
    Lots of stuff in there. what IS it all supposed to do?

    Sorry about that. The program tracks all of the requests for your WordPress run site. A screenshot can be found here.
    The reports it generates are (briefly)

    1. Total raw hits
    2. Number of sessions (users)
    3. List of Browsers
    4. List of Referrers
    5. List of Search Terms (more search engine query patterns to be added as engines are requested)
    6. IP Addresses (including Arin LookUp link)
    7. Page views (0 is any view that has multiple posts output – this will be refined in the future)
    8. Number of WordPress posts
    9. Number of WordPress User accounts
    10. Number of Comments
    11. Stickiness (early in development) that checks to see how many people looked at 2 or more pages on your site

    I’m working on integrating Line charts as well as the bar charts and Pie charts before too long.
    Randy Peterman

    OK, I’ll update the installation notes ASAP. Thanks for the posts already.

    Great plugin.
    Thanks for this!

    oh-ho! if one were incautious enough to load everything up and attempt running the stattraq-install.php one would see this:
    1.First, alter the wp-content/plugins/stattraq-config.php file to make sure that the file has the right path to the wp-config.php file and an acceptable table name in it.
    2.Second, alter the stattraq-admin/statistics.php file to make sure it has the correct path to the stattraq-config.php file as well as the correct path to your wp-admin/auth.php file. The default files assume you’re using a default installation of WordPress – something that could be really bad to assume as WordPress is so easy to change and hack.
    3.TODO: Upload the files from the ‘stattraq/wp-stattraq’ folder into a directory of your choice that maps correctly for the includes. Upload the stattraq.php file you altered from the ‘stattraq/wp-content/plugins’ folder into the ‘%WORDPRESS%/wp-content/plugins’ folder.
    4.Then you’ll need to remove this file from the server so that others don’t do anything silly and try to hack your server or DOS or anything else evil.
    5. Lastly you’ll need to turn the StatTraq plugin on from within the WordPress admin. Just login to WordPress and click on the ‘Plugins’ link and then file the Plugin titled “StatTraq.” Under Action for that plugin row click ‘Activate.’

    Like I said–looks good. However, as I am incredibly lazy and prefer to avoid using the keyboard as much as possible, can there be a link generated in the side-menu to go back to the blog-root?
    I’m also thinking that, if I open up the stats to viewers, I want to make it as easy as possible for them to return to my blog, generating more page impressions….

    OK, I can create a link to the blog root. Thanks for posting further instructions. I’ll get them re-written (and some further instructions on my site) for the next beta which will have more fixes.

    Actually, the database access changed between 1.2 and 1.3. Yes, that is a mistake in the instructions (one for some reason I thought I’d removed, apologies).

    I downloaded the zip and I’ll be testing it out in the morning!

    hi i installed it to and at this moment no errors and it seems to be working….
    however i do have one request…
    when you look at the statistics…almost zero… 🙂 ….just installed huh…
    you see that the hits & users table shows all the way on the right.
    anyway to change that,and in what file ?

    You can only view statistics if you’re logged into WordPress, therefore I can’t look at those URL’s. However, if you want to go into the wp-stattraq/statistics.php file’s code you can remove the ‘require_once(‘../wp-admin/auth.php’)’ line of code and you’ll open access up to anyone.
    The CSS file controls where the hits/users table is located, you can change that under wp-stattraq/styles/normal.css (I think you want the ‘#hits’ selector)
    If you find bugs please report them here, as a comment on my site or send a message to I’m going to create an email list for stattraq in the next 24 hours for folks to interact on.

    OK, If you would like to join the email list for discussion of this plugin please send an email to If you get a rejection notice it is only because the spam trap built into the server is just too powerful 🙂 If that happens email me privately ( and I’ll manually add you to the list. The list will be a good way (besides checking on the blog part of my site) to know when a new release is created.
    Thanks for all of the positive comments, please keep suggestions coming in, too.

    Thanks [Other]Michael!

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