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    I’ve added support for the WordPress 3.5 modal media chooser while retaining backward compatibility with >=3.4.2. Anyone running 3.5 RCs or trunk that wants to test the modal–or anyone that wants to verify backward compatibility while still on 3.4.2–please download the latest version from github.

    BACK UP all your data/files prior to doing this. While this is backward compatible and non-destructive, better safe than sorry.

    Please reply to this thread with any issues.

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  • Themewich


    I didn’t have any issues with 3.5 RCs, but it seems the final release I’ve discovered a few javascript issues. Specifically,

    "Object [object Object] has no method 'on'

    this line:

    frame.toolbar.on( 'activate:select', function() {

    They must have changed something in the final release so this selector is no longer working. I’ll see if I can figure out the issue.

    Thanks for an awesome plugin!

    Plugin Author Chris Scott


    Thanks. It looks like there was a last RC/minute change to the way featured images are handled and you’re seeing the result. I’m working on a fix but it will likely be tomorrow.



    Way to be on top of it. Thanks a ton for keeping this up to date!

    Hi, any news for the new release ?
    Thanks !!

    I’m using this plugin with 3.5, but I have not had success displaying the thumbnails. I have not changed the code at all in functions.php or in my templates from WordPress 3.4.

    When I click the “Choose a Second Image” button, I have to click it twice to open the media viewer.

    At that point, the plugin allows me to choose the thumbnail, but when I click select, the image doesn’t appear in thumbnail area under “second thumbnail”.

    This is not urgent for me, but I thought you might want the feedback.

    Plugin Author Chris Scott


    @grosbouff After playing around with this for a few days, this is going to require a lot of work. Due to this and the media handling being new, I’m going to wait until 3.5.1 is released to see if there are any changes and reevaluate.

    Ok Chris, thanks for the news.
    I checked some of the code myself and yes, I saw this is rather… weird in the code, seems that it’s not really made to be played with 🙂
    Hope WP will clean the code, add hooks & so… Maybe you should ask for it in a ticket !

    Plugin Author Chris Scott


    Note that 1.4 plays a bit nicer w/3.5 but does not use the new UI.

    I tried 1.4 and the svn and the git ‘trunk’ versions (don’t know if those are different). But it’s not working for me.

    There’s no link “Set as secondary image” in the image ‘menu/popup’.

    I’m using the Dutch version of wordpress 3.5.1 . Could it be a localization problem or something different?

    Also i’m not installing it as a plugin but i’m using the class in a plugin i build myself, could this cause a problem? (My plugin instantiates an instance in the load-post.php hook but i also tried instantiating in function.php with no difference).

    So could one of these things cause issues or is the class not working in 3.5.1 version yet?

    Anh Tuấn


    hey sir, i’m using wp 3.5.1
    after set Set as secondary image
    image not show?
    how to fix it?

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