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    This seems to be a recurring a recurring problem. Mine has a bit of a twist:

    I have 2 forms active
    My test mails all arrive. To what ever email address I send it.
    One form (#1) works without any problems
    Form #2 does not work.
    Test emails do arrive, but the form doesn’t do anything.
    The email account is not blacklisted. I can send emails to it and send emails from it.

    So the only thing that does not work is the 2nd form. All the rest seems to work.
    I’ve gone through all setting options. Really ALL.

    What am I missing here?


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  • It could be the same problem I had a long time ago, that I solved but I am not that good in programing, I only have some knowhow and when I need I can do it, but with lots of research and stuf… I’m sorry to say this, but if I have time I will try to solve your problem… In the meantime, I can say What I think could be your problem for other experienced people to say how to do it…

    Do you have two languages? Is the first form in your native language and the other in another? Because, if you are doing that, you’re probably experiencing the same problem as I was… The plugin uses a regular html form, with the method POST, and it has an action, that says that the info that you entered will be processed by another page, in this case, it’s the same, it sends to itself, but when it does, it misses the variable in the URL that says the language you’re in…

    To see if what’s happening is the same, try to send the form in the language that is not working and see if in the URL the language disappears and goes to your native language…


    Hi Massera,

    Thanks for your reply.
    My website has only one language.

    It gets even weirder…:

    I use 2 forms. 2 Unique existing (not a CatchAll) email addresses. One works, the other doesn’t.
    I switched the none-working form to the working-form email address (still maintaining two forms, but ending up in the same inbox).

    Now it works…

    So my problem is sort of half solved. It works, but not the way I want to.

    What is the web site URL?

    You said “Test emails do arrive, but the form doesn’t do anything.”
    are you testing the same email address the form mails to (you should)?

    here is a help page

    Problem: I do not receive email, email does not send, or always goes to the Spam folder.


    Yes, all my test emails and forms (not arriving) are with 2 email addresses.

    One email works with everything (form and mails).
    One email works only with ordinary emails (sent from different email addresses; sending and receiving).


    I am having the same problem as Massera.
    Two languages set on Form 1 and Form 3. All settings are the same – except replaced the content in second language for form3. Form1 works but Form 3 does nothing. Redirects back to form 1 – no email sent and does not save any data in the database. In the database admin, I can only see data for form1.

    Please help!

    Thank you.

    If you have a “redirects back to form 1” problem from a form other than 1
    View HTML source and see if the form action URL is the same as the page your form is on. The form action URL must be the same as the page your form is on.
    If the URL is not the same, it could be this problem:

    Is that it?

    Hi Mike,

    Checked and updated in the FS Contact form module…still redirects back to the English form from Spanish form! No data saved and no email sent!
    I have tried with disabling redirect as well.

    <form enctype=”multipart/form-data” action=”″ id=”si_contact_form3″ method=”post”>


    Form 3 is the Spanish form I am having trouble with. All other spanish pages are in /es/ folder. But above appears without /es/.
    Tried adding the /es/ into the form set up redirect as well ….

    Please help!
    Thank you,


    I think it is a qtranslate plugin compatibility related problem.
    I think I have the fix but want you to test my update before I make the new version. I need you to test it for me because I do not have qtranslate or a multi-lungual site.

    Contact me here and I will send you the files and instructions by email.

    If you can test this Today that would be great!



    Tested and confirmed. Upgrade to or higher

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