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  • Greetings all.

    I don’t think I am the only one, but I find it rather frustrating sometimes when searching for a plugin, and I have to sift past all the plugins that are untested with my version of WordPress.

    I am also hesitant to set automatic updates of the core WordPress system, as I am worried about a plugin breaking.

    Please can we have two check-boxes in the >Settings>General area that…

    • Only allows automatic updates of the core WordPress, if all plugins that are active meet the compatibility requirements, notifying you via email if an update is delayed as well as listing the reasons why.
    • Only displays fully compatible plugins in search results.

    Maybe including the same for themes as well?

    Much appreciated. I do not need this feature this instant, but if it could be placed of the roadmap for the not too distant future. I am sure others would find this useful.


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