• I tried the plugin and I didn’t improve website Speed at all. I use DIVI and have optimised everything. I use WP Super Cache. Recently I uninstalled Jetpack and that speeded my website up significantly. I know Jetpack Boost and Jetpack is not the same plugin but I was surprised how much Jetpack slowed the site.

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    Hi @mbhebsgaard,

    Understanding that you didn’t notice an improvement in website speed with Jetpack Boost while using DIVI and WP Super Cache, it’s worth noting that performance can vary based on different configurations and environments. Jetpack Boost focuses on performance optimization primarily by providing Critical CSS, Deferring Non-Essential JavaScript, Concatenating JS/CSS and Caching.

    Since you’ve tried Jetpack Boost along with other optimizations but didn’t see an improvement, it might be useful to conduct further performance testing to identify possible conflicts or bottlenecks. This could include checking for plugin conflicts, evaluating hosting performance, and analyzing server response times.

    To better assist you, could you please post your site URL here so that we can have a look? If you want it to remain private, you can also contact us via contact form. If you choose to reach out directly, please include a link to this thread.

    We’d be more than happy to assist further and help you improve the site speed with Jetpack Boost.

    Thank you!

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