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    Hi – The project has really come a long way. Impressive. I used the current iteration of today and wanted to share thoughts. Also found a few tiny bugs in the Gutenberg Examples plugin – submitted a PR on those. Didn’t get through everything today, but hope the feedback helps.

    When clicking the post title and making it active, the sidebar block info shows “No block selected.” This is confusing as I’ve been under the assumption that everything is a block. I did figure it out, but it wasn’t immediately clear as I went looking for settings. It might not be a bad idea that when the title is clicked, the sidebar indicates there are no settings for the element.

    The clickable up/down controls for block positioning feels a bit dated – people are very used to dragging/sliding to move things. On the other hand, nice job making sure the view follows the element as it moves – this matters a lot. Still, drag-handles will probably be what people look for first.

    The cover image block at the top of the demo post took some figuring out. It wasn’t immediately clear how to edit the background image because the control was fixed to the top of the block, whereas the text control appears in the middle of it. I didn’t even notice the image editing controls until minutes later – I think they may have fallen into the realm of banner blindness, or it could be that it was overlaying the text block above it, appearing to belong to that block. I’m not sure, but I only discovered the control by accident. It seems that controls for the same block should appear in the same place to avoid confusion.

    When hovering block elements, the clickable footprint of the side-handle that exposes the settings/html/delete/convert menu is not wide enough. I mis-clicked this repeatedly; 25 or 30 pixels of clickable area would be much appreciated. The single-pixel border on the left side of the handle misleads you into thinking that the clickable area will be of equal size on the right. I am color deficient, though, so perhaps I’m just not seeing a border on the right? If so, that would be something to look into for accessibility purposes.

    I had the most trouble with just plain writing. The nested paragraph controls are cumbersome, requiring too many clicks. Whereas I used to be able to position my cursor and go, now I’m clicking here and there to get the same things done. Having to click this much while writing derails the flow of, well, writing. It feels like I’m configuring posts, rather than writing them. I don’t have a suggestion on this, just adding my voice to the mix. Blocks are great for laying out content, but not very conducive to writing it.

    There is a bit of confusing redundancy in the text control iconography. For example, when creating a list, you have the dropdown (with a bulleted-list icon) followed by another identical icon to indicate you’ll be using bullets. The dropdown icon is fine, but the 2 following icons could simply be • and 1 to represent points and numbers. Same goes for the blockquote control, although I don’t have a suggestion for those two icons. The most important controls (h*, p, ul, ol, li, strong, em, del, a, and alignments) could be visible on a single row at all times and everything else tucked off into the sidebar. I didn’t find indent/outdent after 5 minutes and finally gave up.

    In the first (not cover) image block. The caption says, “Give it a try. Press the “wide” button on the image toolbar.” I can’t find a wide button anywhere. Also, the interface for adding links to an image block is different than the interface to add links to a text block. The appearance of these interfaces should be unified as their functionality is identical. The interface in the image block also has a “close” button. This seems silly, particularly with the icon used. Finally, I’m assuming the “Worth a thousand words.” shown in the sidebar is the block description? This is not accessible language to describe the block and should be revisited – it’s also an incomplete sentence which could lead to further confusion.

    As for the additional CSS class box – I like this addition, but it raised a slew of questions that could have been answered in just a few words: can you only add one class, can you add more than one, do they need to be separated by commas or spaces? It only takes a few minutes to test it and see, but it should be indicated there in succinct language under the input.

    The embed block. I clicked everywhere to find a place to edit the url for the Vimeo video on the demo post. Eventually, I went to edit the HTML and found it could be done there. The URL seems like it should have a field in the side panel. Or somewhere. Did I miss it?

    Block selection interface. There’s too many icons. The search capability is a nice try at a solution, but these selections could be moved to the block config screen. For example, having a single icon for embedding audio: the block can easily be made smart enough to determine which service is required and provide the markup accordingly – or – in the config screen, the user could simply choose the service from a dropdown – this would clean that menu right up. There could be categoricons (if you will) for images, audio, video, social, and other (which would be “everything else” basically). With as cluttered as it is now, I am afraid to think what it will look like once we plugin and theme developers get our greasy mitts in it.

    Block quote: I appreciated the ability to include both fields, or omit either field, and the was properly accounted for on the front end. Ah, the little things. 🙂

    Well, that’s as far as I got…hope any of this is of use. I hope to dig into Gutenberg much more and am working on cleaning up my schedule to make time.


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