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  • “Test out the new Plugin Directory and let us know what you think.”
    First of all you say this then don’t provide a link or any indication as to where the feedback should go.

    As to the question, it’s the usual reply – if it ain’t broke etc. It’s another ‘improvement’ that diminishes the useability.

    I happen to be looking at the new and old Updraft Plus plugin pages…

    The headers now take up even more of the page. Over half the screen area is taken up with headers and an overly large plugin graphic.
    The fonts are all much larger wasting even more space. I don’t want to have to scroll more than is necessary.
    The navigation was previously all visible on the page, with buttons leading to all the different areas, clearly and logically labelled, and instantly accessible.
    Now you have to scroll scroll scroll.

    The screenshots don’t open in a popup or new window. So you have to navigate back to the main page and once again, scroll, scroll, scroll, as it does not intelligently return to the same place on the page.

    There are several ‘read mores’ on the page.

    The whole page is a clunky oversized mess.

    So just don’t change it please.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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