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  • Still working on setting up a test environment to try out themes, plugins, etc.

    On Hostgator, my primary blog is up and running. I see the contents in the mySQL database, let’s call it DB1. I used phpMyAdmin to “export” this to a local backup file called BACKUP_DB1.sql

    Now I’d like to set up my parallel test environment. So I used Fantastico to set up WP user WP3 and database DB3.

    However, when I use phpMyAdmin to “import” BACKUP_DB1.sql into DB3, I run into problems:

    1) It tried to blow away and recreate DB1 – eek!
    — Fortunately, that failed. I used Kod to edit the backup and replace mentions of “DB1” with “DB3.”

    2) Still doesn’t like to see a (mostly empty) DB3.
    — Fixed that by deleting DB3.

    3) Now it tries to do something to information_schema and fails. Again – ouch.
    — Since DB1 and DB3 share the same schema, should I just delete all the references to information_schema in the backup file? (Since I already have a valid information_schema.) Or should I rename these references to TEST_information_schema or some such thing – to maintain a completely separate test environment?

    Hope this all makes sense. Guidance or a pointer to appropriate docs is appreciated. (It seems that what I’m trying to do should be fairly commonplace.)


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  • Let me add that the original blog and DB1 are still up and running, so if there’s a better (for what I want to do) method of database backup and restore than phpMyAdmin’s “export” and “import,” I’m happy to try that instead.

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