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  1. itst
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi people ;)

    After searching for a plugin/script that populates WP with test content (posts, tags, comments) and not finding any, I created it myself ;)

    TCG generates posts (with tags) and comments at your command, thus enabling the avid WP developer to see how UI ideas and themes play out. The plugin comes with a Lorem Ipsum generator.

    TCG includes, because of my requirements for a special project, support for the Comment Rating plugin, generating "thumb's ups and downs" and comment karma values.

    Posts are dated up to two years back, as do comments (no comment is older than its post, of course).

    TCG uses up to 100 tags, so that with 2 to 4 tags per post tagclouds will contain meaningful data.

    Last but not least, TCG can prune a WP installation from all posts, tags and comments and cleans every table involved from invalid data (including wp_term_relationships and, for Comment Ratings sake, wp_comment_rating).

    TCG is a one-day-hack that works perfectly for my current needs and was developed against 2.9.2 (didn't test it against any other version).

    If someone is interested in having a look, I'd happily a download link.


  2. esmi
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    Posted 6 years ago #

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