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  • I downloaded and installed Xdata Toolkit some time ago, added a connection to a MySQL Database on my GoDaddy account. The MySQL DB was a basic set up so I could see if I was able to connect. Success! This plug is worked and will fit my needs. I deactivated it for future use.

    This week started work on this. I added tables and data to my MySQL database, reactivated this plug in and could not connect to the same databse I was able to connect to previously. The test connection button does not work. I press it and nothing happens, I tried a different browser and a different computer, no sucess.

    I completely uninstalled the plugin, deleted it’s tables in the WP SQL DB and started over. I still can not get the test connection button to work.

    I moved forward and saved the connection to see if anything works and try other functions and it behaves as if there is no connection.

    Is this a bug? (Possibly user error but I was able to make it work before)

    Is this plug-in still maintained?

    Thank for your help.

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