• Well, I was using with B2, but somehow that didn’t work and when I tried to download it again, I got WordPress. I must say it’s quite good and I have been adding my own style to the templates with trying things out. However one thing that doesn’t work is the scrollbar colors. That will stay the standard windows one, while in the comments popup window in the comment box it does has the one I put in the css. Perhaps someone has an idea how to change that? 😀 😀
    Anyway, here’s the link to my blog: http://www.whispering-words.com

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  • I would advise against using scrollbar colors since they are not supported by all browsers (Mozilla/Firefox and others). W3C has a list of reasons why not to use it and even how to bypass it.

    Thanks, but I think that people then see the normal scrollbar, wouldn’t they? So then there would be no harm, people with browsers who allow it can see the colored scrollbar and other can see the normal one.

    Well yes. But rightly or wrongly many of us here are commited to web standards. That does not mean you should be although there are substantial benefits to to you and your users if you are. The sorts of people who try and help people here like to do things right. If you want to use a proprietary extension then go right ahead. Please do not kid yourself there would be *no harm* And please do not wait for approval. It may not be forthcoming.

    I have to ask – approval for what? I realize that this is one (of many) forums that is very commited to web standards, however there are some people who know that the majority of their visitors come from IE, and if it is their personal space – then why worry about it? I don’t have a problem with people using IE specific codes, I don’t see them because I don’t use IE as my browser.
    I’m just curious as to what problem the coloured scrollbar code causes (either in actual fact or your opinion).
    In case you are wondering, I do support web standards. Especially for business sites, but less so for personal sites where I believe everything should be a matter of “choice”.

    Heck, no one here is questioning your choice at all. I am certainly not. But you have to admit it is a non sequiter to say you “support” web standards when at the first opportunity you abandon them. The harm may well be that if web constructors all build with IE in mind there is no incentive for the company to improve. And there is no incentive for the user to upgrade. It would be doing more to support web standards to adopt a principled approach.

    Ummm… I’m not the anonymous poster with the question about coloured scrollbars – I was merely saying that on a personal space it’s up to the individual what they want to do.
    On my sites, I support web standards, and don’t use browser specific code. But that’s my choice, doesn’t have to be everyone else’s.

    Ok, definately didn’t want to start this discussion about whether or not using colored scrollbars and I probably didn’t sound that nice in my reply. I felt a bit angry at the time because I asked a question and instead of an answer I got to hear I shouldn’t use them at all. I apologize for that.
    I understand people would like web standarts which are compatible for all browsers and I respect that. However this was not my decision with this website and I hope you can understand that as well. I’m still hoping someone can give me an answer on it.
    I was also wondering if it would be possible not to get the horizontale (sp???) scrollbar. That’s something that really annoys me, and I didn’t had it with my first post, but now that I have posted another post I get that scrollbar all of a sudden.
    Thanks in advance

    And just to be really cool your front page opens with a table based layout.

    Oh and a final thought. A lot of folks stats are now showing IE at less than 40% of browsers in use.

    Well there are lies, damn lies, and browser statistics. But the site in question is a blog right?

    Tessa: Just looked at your site in IE6.0 and it seems to do what you’ve specified in the stylesheet – white scrollbar on a white background with a grey shadow. Also, the Firefox browser not add a horizontal scroll bar. I don’t know why that is though.
    I’m not a fan of scrollbar styling or other vendor-specific code, but yes the choice is yours.

    I think out of courtesy a lot of folks find this type of question as posted difficult to answer. The site operator has embarked on a particularly individual and imaginative scheme. For that individual that may well be the right design choice. I do not know. But there is an old Irish saying “If you want to get to Dublin then I wouldn’t start from here”. HTH.

    First I want to say a sincere thanks to the people who tried to answer my question. I’ll probably have to post this in two times.

    To the anonymous person: The stylesheet does it scrollbar in the pages I made myself, only not in the wordpress page. Then again the font size thing doesn’t work in my own made pages, and does in the wordpress one. As for the horizontal scrollbar, I shall have to live with that.

    To Kyramas: I’m fairly new to using stylesheets and I discovered the wonders of it, otherwise I wouldn’t use them. However you can see above why I chose to do certain things. I’m not only fairly new to stylesheets, but to coding in general, and I still need help using an editor. All those codes look like a horrible math question to me, and I definately are not good in math. As for a link to wordpress, that’s at the bottom of the wordpress page. In the disclaimer I have’t had a chance to change it to wordpress yet, since I’m in the middle of graduation. I have my hands full at making essays at this moment. Other than that, when you get at cafelog, you’re only able to download wordpress (at least that’s what I had).

    **Second Part**

    I do need this of my chest. It made me, as a new person to wordpress, feel very ‘welcome’ to this community (where you can ask questions) after some of the answers I received. It really did hurt my feelings, reading, I shouldn’t do this, but instead do that etc etc. That I shouldn’t have used this, but that. It’s not nice to read when you do your best in making a layout. Keep in mind that not everyone is a coding wonder (as I said before it looks like math to me) and not everyone is a professional webdesigner. I’m just a humble teacher in a tiny country called The Netherlands. And of course there’s nothing wrong with giving tips, I welcome them because I learn of them. But it is important the way you write down the tips. Perhaps I misunderstood the way they were meant, that’s the problem of internet sometimes, I think.

    Well I would certainly want to apologize if you felt offended or in any way excluded. It is good of you to acknowledge the nature of the medium. I would like to say something about this forum tho. Sometimes folks do not always catch the perfect nuance in their tone. Sometimes they seem harsh or ruder than they mean. Perhaps my posts seem like that sometimes. But the community as a whole, persistently gives absolutely rock solid advice to a lot of folks. Now if a person who is a newbie now reads this thread, they are going to be absolutely clear what a lot of folks think about proprietary extensions and why. If the message had been couched more subtley or less completely they might have missed it. The folks who answer these questions would do a disservice if they answered the short question alone without the context (in this case the importance – to us at least – of web standards.)

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